ZTE AXON M, The smartphone with a Dual-screen folding

ZTE today announced the arrival in Spain of the AXON M, the high-end smartphone with a dual-screen folding to provide users with a revolutionary experience. The device allows the mode multitasking for the first time on a mobile phone, besides being able to enjoy the media options in a way never before experienced. The smartphone is already available from today exclusively with Vodafone in Spain, in shops and in the Online Shop.

The AXON M of ZTE brings about real progress in the smartphone market, stagnated in a pattern similar devices from a decade ago. The AXON M breaks in the end, the rules allowing to deploy two screens with the option multitask, with one task on each screen, or, on the other hand, have a smartphone the size of a tablet. All of this in a smartphone-5.2-inch, which can be carried comfortably in the pocket or in the handbag.

Vodafone is the operator that offers from today, and exclusively the AXON M in Spain.. The smartphone is already available in other countries by the hand of operators, leaders, such as China Telecom in China, NTT Docomo in Japan and in the united States through AT&T.

The smartphone foldable AXON M with a double display provides unlimited potential and a new mobile experience to the user. Has system Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 (MSM8996 Pro) integrated with Qualcomm® ARMv8 to 2.15 GHz, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory expandable to 256GB or Dolby Atmos, among other features. All of them can enjoy through four modes of use:

Dual Mode (A/B)

One device, two displays, unlimited potential. Allows the user to handle two apps on two different screens at the same time, simultaneously. For example, to see the match of your favorite team on one screen, while you order a pizza online with the second screen. Or do a video conference on a screen and to write and modify reports in the other. View your favorite series and send messages to their friends, at the same time, when the thing is put interesting. Or update your status on social networks while you check your weekly schedule on the screen in Dual mode.

Extended mode (To/To):Experience of a tablet.

Users of the AXON to M may enjoy the series or movies, send emails and play their favorite game on a screen of 6.75-inch Full HD through the Extended mode. So, you can pass levels in Candy Crush Saga in size extended, see larger Google calendar, do online shopping or other tasks thanks to an experience more simple and more efficient.

Mirror mode (To/To): Share content without moving.

Display any content with a large group of friends or work colleagues never was so easy. The Mirror mode allows users to play content at the same time on both screens, from the two sides, for example, from the two parts of a table. In this way, you can share the latest chapter release of your favourite series on two screens, the latest viral video, or a presentation of work from two different points, to mirrored mode.

Traditional (A)

The AXON M of ZTE brings with him an experience as a premium smartphone for all those who seek the best in their day-to-day. Customers can make calls, write, browse the Internet, or all of their daily activities in a folding screen that fits perfectly in any pocket. It has camera of 20 MP, which acts as the rear camera and make selfies, for the users to shoot photos or create videos in 4K.


The smartphone arrives today at the Spanish market exclusively with Vodafone for a price of 34€ per month-with portability and stay for 24 months on Vodafone and 18 months in the tariff – with the Network plan M, which includes 10GB, Chat Pass, unlimited calls, roaming in the U. E. and in the U.S., and 1 year of HBO or TV Online Football, for 37€/month.

It can also be purchased with plans convergent Vodafone One. For example, for 34€ per month is available with the plan, One M 120 Mb, which includes fiber to 120m, 10GB, Chat Pass, unlimited calls, roaming in the U. E. and in the U.S., calls to fixed and mobile national, 3 months free Vodafone TV Full with HBO and an additional line with 500MB and calls at 0 cents for a year for 72€ per month.


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