Can’t Call on WhatsApp? Try These Useful Tips

Other instant messaging apps have tried to take WhatsApp’s place, but none have been successful. You have seen some worthy competitors such as Telegram, Line, and  Allo, but none had what it takes to beat WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has many useful features that many of us just can’t live without but still lacks some. One feature that you constantly use is being able to call anyone on your contact list.

Just choose the contacts and talk away. It should always be that simple, right? It should, but it’s not. So, what to do when the calling feature fails?

Can’t Call on WhatsApp

If you’re having problems with the calling feature on WhatsApp, try connecting to another network such as WiFi instead of WiFI. You can do the same thing if you on mobile data, try WiFi and hopefully things will go back to normal. If you can’t call them, you can always send them blank messages to prank them.

Cant call on whatsapp the solutions -WhatsApp Problems

Changing networks could be the answer to your problems because the network you’re using is not properly configured for UDP (User Datagram Protocol). Well, that explains why you’re having trouble calling on WhatsApp.

If you can’t receive or make calls once you’ve connected to a WiFi network, check your router’s security settings and Firewall configuration. They could be blocking certain kinds of connections that are preventing the app from working properly.

Other reasons why you can’t call on WhatsApp could be because of your battery saver or Bluetooth connection. Try turning them off and then try making a WhatsApp call.

If you’re using 2G as your mobile data, that could also be the reason for the calling issues. If you’re going to use mobile data, you need at least 3G for things to run smoothly. Don’t forget to try the typical disconnect and reconnect solution; it’s an obviously one but one you may have missed.

If the sound quality is bad while you’re on a call and you have everything set up correctly, the problem could be on the other end. It could be the other person that is causing the bad sound quality. If that’s your case, by reading this post, you know what tops to give to fix the problem.

Make sure that you also have the latest version of WhatsApp. Having the latest versions always helps reduce the chances of having a bug that can cause these kinds of problems.


Unfortunately, you have no choice but to deal with these kinds of problems. No service is perfect and sooner or later will give you some trouble, WhatsApp is no exception. Try these tips to get things nack to normal, but if you have any question feel free to ask them in the comments. I will answer them A.S.AP.

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