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Every time I hear myself in a recording, I just can’t help but say, ” Is that what I sound like??!!, I need a voice changer A.S.A.P” According to the Washington Post the reason, you don’t like the sound of your own voice is because you hear it through a different channel than everyone else. When you hear your voice on a recording, you only hear your voice through air conduction. The reason you’re shocked about how bad your voice may sound is that you’re used to hearing yourself through Bone Conduction.

When you start talking your vocal cords are activated, and vibrations are sent throughout your skull until it reaches your inner ear. The acoustics in your ear lower the frequency of those vibrations along the way adding some bass tones. That way your voice doesn’t sound as bad as in the recordings and may even sound a little deeper. So, I’m afraid you do sound like in the recordings (your uncontrollable sobbing here).

AV Voice Changer Software Can Help Improve The Sound of Your Voice

Whether you want to sound better in recordings or you want to play a prank on someone, this is the software that’s going to help you accomplish that. I think your friends have probably picked up how you’re sending those blank messages on WhatsApp.

With AV Voice Changer Software Diamond, you’re getting a software that is dedicated to voice manipulation¬†and voice changing. You can make any voice sound more masculine, feminine, childish, older, or younger. The software can even make you sound like a celebrity!

voice changer software

This is also a great software for voice changing projects such as voice dubbing for presentations, audio/video clip, voice-over, E-Greeting Card, voice mails, etc. Create non-human sounds and thanks to the cutting-edge voice changing algorithms you can also modify/alter your voice in real time. That way you know what it sounds like before you’re done using the software.

You can also other aspects of your voice such as base pitch, threshold, formant, etc. There’s also an option to control pitch levels and control timbre. Don’t forget to use the ready-to-use nick voices for user mix and match. You’ll have fun with this software when you’re creating and mixing parody voices for voice-over. AV Voice Changer also features an extensive list of vivid background and sound effects to give your creation that finishing touch.

Add Robotic Effects to Your Voice

There’s also the possibility to capture online audio streams and apply robotic effects. So if you’ve ever wanted to sound like RoboCop you can. There’s also an option to add or reduce echo to your voice in real-time. So, even if you’re chatting with someone, you can still apply these effects to your voice, nice!

AV Voice Changer Software is compatible with most of the PC to phone clients, instant messengers, game servers and media players. The Voice Morpher graph has been recently designed, and ¬†I think you’re going to like the touchable smartphone-like user interface.

You have 50 specialized nick voices to choose from and that even includes nick voices for Movie Maker. Your voice can sound as natural as you want it to and it doesn’t matter if there’s noise in the background since you can easily get rid of it thanks to the Ultra-quiet background cancellation feature. When you’re done creating your videos, AVC has a great video converter you can try if you need one.

Download AV Voice Changer Software

If you’re looking for a good voice changing software, then you know you can count of AV Voice Changing Software. It’s waiting for you to download it at AVSOFT’s official site and I’m sure you can wait to download it either. You’ll have all the features you’re going to need when it comes to modifying your voice and then some. This is the company’s most downloaded software and with what it offers that comes as no surprise to me. What do you think of the software? Let me know in the comments.

This is the company’s most downloaded software and with what it offers that comes as no surprise to me. If it’s users weren’t happy with how well the features work, there is no chance on the face of the planet that it would even figure on their most downloaded list. What do you think of the software? Let me know in the comments.

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