Valentines Day 2017 – Top 4 iOS Apps

It’s that time of the year again and no, it’s obviously not Christmas. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. The day when everyone tells each other how much they care about them with greeting cards, flowers, candy and all sorts of romantic gestures.

If you love everything that has to to with Valentine’s Day, then it’s time to personalize your iOS device. Not just that but also send that special someone a Valentine’s Day greeting card, at least.

1. Valentine’s Day – Personalised Love Cards Maker

If you’re not very big on words, but you still want to send a Valentine’s Day greeting card with a short message, this is your app. When you first open up the app, it will show you the first card you can choose.

The Best Valentines Say greetings for iOS

If you don’t like the first frame, just swipe right until you see the one you like. You can choose from cards where you can only insert one picture or one where you can add two pictures. When you’ve found the frame you like, tap on the camera icon in the middle and choose your picture.

At the bottom of your display, you’ll see the wishes option. Tap on this to add all kinds of love messages to your greeting. You can choose between options such as I love you, True love, Soulmates, Lots of love, Happy Valentine’s Day, We are the perfect two and more.

2. Valentine’s Day Love Poems

So, you already have the perfect card, but you just need help in adding the perfect love message. Don’t worry; there’s an app for that too. It’s called Valentine’s Love Poems, and it’s free to download.

The Best Love Poems for Valentines day 2017

When you open the app, you’ll see an image, and right below the list of all the poems, you can choose from. There are two ways you can save the poems to your favorite’s list. You can either tap the heart icon from the app’s main page, or you can select the heart at the bottom once you’ve chosen the poem.

At the bottom corners of the image (when you pick a poem) you’re going to see an A- and an A+. No, this isn’t to rate the poem, but you can increase or decrease the text size with this. With the arrow at the bottom, you can also switch between poems.

3. Valentine’s Day 2017 Wallpapers Love Background

The list would not be complete without a Valentine’s Day Wallpaper app. There are all kinds of wallpapers to choose from and each page shows you a total of nine options. When you find a wallpaper you like, tap on it so you can make all sorts of changes to it.

How to Personalize Valentines day wallpaper

You’ll see a pencil icon at the bottom right, tap on it and you will have all sorts of customization options. You can do things such as add effects, add frames, stickers, focus, orientation, draw, meme, text and more. You can even add your own personal message to your wallpaper and choose between different filters as well.

If you want to share your creation, just tap on the arrow to the left of the pencil icon. You can choose between Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Email, and others.

4. Love Time Countdown

With so many things to do, it’s only natural that you forget how many days until the big day. It’s crucial that you’re aware of this since you’re going to need enough time to go shopping for the perfect gift. Make sure to keep this app where you will always see it so you can easily check it.

Valentines day countdown clock 2017

When you first open the app you’ll be in the All tab where you can see how many days, hours and minutes there are until Valentine’s Day. There are additional tabs where you can only see the weeks, sleeps, hours, minutes and seconds.

If you don’t like the image the app shows you simply swipe until you see one you like. The app will also play a song, but if you want to mute it, tap on the pause button.

With these four apps, you will definitely be ready for valentines day when the big day comes. Since they’re all free, you’ve got nothing to lose. Do you have any Valentine’s Day app on you iOS device already? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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