How to Use Facebook Messengers Camera Features

Facebook Messenger may not have as many downloads as WhatsApp and all its tips and tricks, but it’s sure fun to use.  It’s an instant messaging app that is giving the competition a run for its money.

If you thought that Facebook Messenger was fun to use before, wait until you see what it’s camera has to offer. You will enjoy the Snapchat like lenses, and it’s 3D masks.

How to Take Full Advantage of Facebook Messengers Camera Options

Using the camera is as easy as creating a reminder on FB Messenger. The first thing you need to do is open the camera, and at the top, you’re going to see a series of symbols you’re probably already using on Snapchat. Tap on the happy face to access all the great stickers.

Facebook Messenger Camera Stickers

The only problem you’re going to face now is which of all the great options you’re going to use first. Depending on the holiday that’s coming up, that’s the option you will see.  Since we’re so close to Christmas, you can choose between Seasons Greetings and Jolly Masks and effects.

Facebook Messengers New Camera Stickers

If you choose the effects and record a video, you can enjoy real-time effects like falling snow. If you scroll down a bit, you can also use stickers such as I’m Feeling and then choose options such as Weird, Refreshed, Happy, Pained and the list keeps going on and on.

You can also choose other options such as I’m Doing, Who’s Up For, Everyday, FunDress Up, and Decorate. You can add as many decorations as you want and you can also flip them backward. Just double-tap on them, and they will shift.

You can adjust the stickers before or after taking the picture. So, if they didn’t come out like you thought they would, just drag them to where you want then to go after taking the pic.

Have Fun With The Text Effects

You can also have fun with writing something. You can access the text effects by either swiping left or by tapping on the color pallet on the bottom right.

Once you’re there, write something like I did. Once you type something, a series of options of what you can do with the text will appear below. Swipe left to look through all of the options.

Text Effects on Facebook Messenger

I wrote HowToSimply and either added a white or black background to the text. If you tap on the fist text option with no background color.

How to Add Background color to text on Android

You can either doodle something or type it out like you normally would. There is no option to add any fluorescent colors or to adjust the thickness of the pencil you’re using. Who knows, maybe they will add that later.

You can also add all these effects to picture you have in your device’s gallery. Just swipe right and choose the pictures you want to add the effects too. Go crazy decorating your picture and send it off.


Facebook Messenger’s camera is a lot more fun that what it used to be. You all these great effects and sticker you can now add to it. What you do think of the all the effects the camera has to offer?

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