Uninstall Useless Programs and Plugins with Iobit Uninstaller 6

You probably have so many programs on your computer that it’s a miracle is still working. With time, you’ve added so many programs, but never had time to uninstall the ones you don’t need anymore. Unless you want your computer to be as slow as a snail, it’s time to do some cleaning.

There’s a free software you can download from Iobit that will clean up your Windows computer in no time. It’s called Iobit Uninstaller 6 Free, and it’s just waiting for you to download it.

Uninstall Unwanted Programs and Plugins with Iobit Uninstaller 6 Free

With Uninstaller 6 Free, you’ll get back that speedy computer you once had. The software will help you get rid of stubborn programs and their leftovers so you can finally get that much-needed storage space again.

Remove Stubborn Softwares with Iobit Uninstaller 6 Free

Who hasn’t had a problem with a Windows update, right? If you ever come across one or another one, Iobit Uninstaller 6 will help you quickly manage those updates from the Windows Update tab. If any of the updates you get give you compatibility issues, you’ll be able to remove them quickly.

Uninstaller 6 Free Also Monitor and Removes Malicious Plugins in Real Time

You can never be too careful when it comes to your privacy, that why you probably encrypt your information, right?. That’s why Uninstaller 6 Free has a feature that will detect and remove any malicious and ad-based plugins, so they won’t be able to modify your homepage, track your activities, or show you pop-up ads. You can even use Iobit Uninstaller 6 to remove any Microsoft Edge extensions you don’t want anymore.

With so many things to do, you probably forget to uninstall those leftover programs. Not to worry about them slowing down your computer since the software will detect leftover programs uninstalled by a third-party uninstaller. The powerful Scan will then be notified so it can remove them.

You can also say goodbye to Windows patch cache files so that you can install more important files. Other useful utilities that you can enjoy are task managers, Autostart that let you remove apps from the autorun launch in Windows.

Iobit Uninstaller 6 will also find and remove any invalid shortcuts your computer may have. Not just shortcuts, it will also search for and remove and useless downloads and Windows patch cache from the default download folder in different download managers and web browsers. Since versions 5, Iobit Uninstaller features Startup Manager, Cleanup Residual, and Process Monitor.

Since versions 5, Iobit Uninstaller features Startup Manager, Cleanup Residual, and Process Monitor.  The key features that this software has to offer are Log Manager, Batch Uninstall function, Force Uninstall tool and Standard and Advanced Uninstall tools.

Download Iobit Uninstaller 6 Free

Iobit Uninstaller 6 Free is a great software that will keep your Windows computer in great condition for free. If you want to give the software a try, you can download it right now from Iobit’s official site.

It’s one of the most popular software’s of its kind out there, so I’m pretty sure that you’re going to like the software and even recommend it to your friends. Do you think that you’re going to give the software a try? Leave a comment and let me know.

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