A new revolution in the custom ROMS, Project Treble

All android users have always asked Google that the existing fragmentation in Android will begin to be reduced in our phones, and we have always been heard, by embedding every day improvements, as the PDK in 2012 to reduce the times, the simplification of the interface but dotandoló of necessary tools.

One of the last novedadaes was Treble , and would apply in Oreo under the requirements.

Now, Google has provided and will have more tools to fight those improvements, but enters into the roof of the manufacturers do it, and many of them have committed and still do.

Project Treble

A bit short which would be Treble to not be lengthening the article.

This is to separate the low-level drivers (known as the implementation of the seller, as the driver of a driver chip bluetooth) from the rest of the system, which gives us an advantage to upgrade the system and not expect the drivers because they have to not be a new version and I would need to take it and in that case may be updated independently.


Huawei began distributing the beta version of Android Oreo of the Huawei Mate 9 which is in its version 7.0, the surprise came to the developers who discovered that he was going with the support to Project Treble.

So a XDA developer, Mishaal Rahman, I wanted to test if this system helped to create ROMs custom. What I did is install it on your Matte 9 with the beta version of the ROM from AOSP (Android stock), and the surprise was that I did not need to modify the kernel to run.

Another member of the community XDA, phhusson dared a little more and I believe an AOSP ROM is experimental to boot on multiple devices from different manufacturers that support Treble. What you got is the “same image” tore it on a phone Essential, Huawei Mate 9, Honor 8 Pro, Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ1 Compact.

But we must clarify that he did two different versions for the different partition schemes, but in essence it was the same image that is running on much different hardware, even some features are not fully working , the sound in Essential, the camera…. it is not bad at all, certainly many of these things are the necessary drivers but that could be updated independently. This opens up the possibility of a new revolution in the custom ROMs and maybe you will just post an image and only download the necessary drivers.


We remind you that we publish updates for some devices to Android 8.0, in particular the bq and may give us a clue:

The updates that we will release it to the Android 8 for current devices, are not compatible with Project treble knobs. Project treble knobs involves a change in the partitions on the device, so that it would be necessary to perform a Hard Reset. Even so, all the users will have the full Android 8.0 in the official version and with all features included.

How could you do this?

In reality if we stick to what we said bq could do it but in a way that we would have to have a software that will help us to make this partition, so as to save the required information or backup and then remove with the new paths. Something that was done in the past, but that today could be feasible since a lot of apps and things of the system makes a copy so that we would not have problems.

It would be good to know what will be Huawei when will release the version of the Huawei Mate 9 as you would to enter and by avoiding the hard reset that is told to us, we may be surprised.

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