How to Turn Your Old Android Device Into a Chromecast Remote

You know that you’re never going to use that old Android device ever again, but you just can’t find it in you to throw it away. So, you decide just to shove it into a drawer to never be seen again. Why keep in a drawer collecting dust when you can use it as a Chromecast remote?

Did you know that Google’s streaming stick is meant to be controlled by a mobile device? You’ll need to make some software tweaks to your old Android device. But, don’t worry, it’s something you’re perfectly capable of doing.

Turn Your Old Android Device Into a Chromecast Remote

The first thing you’ll need to do is to disable unnecessary apps and services. You don’t want your new Chromecast remote’s battery to drain, so here are some battery saving tips to keep in mind.

Uninstall as many non-Chromecast apps as you possibly can. This is going to keep your device in tip-top shape. You can easily do this by dragging any app out of the app drawer and then drop then off onto the ¨App Info¨ button. You’ll find the button at the top of your screen.

How to Turn Your Old Android Device Into a Chromecast Device

Once you’re there, tap on ¨Diable¨ and then in the pop-up confirm your option. Now, go to the Accounts menu in Settings and then choose the Google entry. Disable all the options. By doing this you’re going to prevent your phone from running sync operations in the background.

By having Airplane Mode turned on along with WiFi, you’re turning off your device’s Bluetooth, mobile data and other connections. Your device’s WiFi will still be on and it’s the most important one.

For Quick Access Disable the Lock Screen

Since you don’t have any important information on your old Android device. it’s time to get rid of that lock screen. Go to Settings > Security > Lock Screen > None.

Add a Launcher with Big Buttons

A remote is just not a remote if it doesn’t have big buttons. You can easily fix this issue by installing a simplified launcher that comes with large icons. I recommend you go with KK Easy Launcher and it’s free to download.

When you’re done installing the app, press the home button and select a home screen app. Make sure to choose the Big Launcher options and press Always to make it your default home screen.After this, long-press on any apps you don’t want anymore and choose Remove.

How to Get Bug Button from a Simplifies Launcher - chromecast remote

Go ahead and open the app drawer and long press on any Chromecast-compatible apps and drop them on the home screen. This way, you’ll have the necessary app front and center.

Since there is a good chance you’re going to be using your ¨New¨ Chromecast remote at night, remember to install a screen darkening app for night time use.  Now that you know that you can use your old Android device for something, it’s time to take it out of the drawer and give it a good use.

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