Tips and Tricks to Personalize Your Windows 10 Start Menu

I´m sure that you can find quite a few things you would change about Windows 10, but I doubt that the start menu is one of them, right? It was something I was especially thrilled to see since it just makes things easier. Windows 10 let’s do all sorts of things, from personalizing the command prompt to setting a time limit on any account.  But, how to get the most out of the menu? It´s time for some tips and tricks to customize the Windows 10 menu and give it some color.

Customizing Your Tiles

When you first click on the start menu, you are going to see all sorts of tiles, some that are live and some that are not. The problem with the tiles Microsoft automatically sets up for you are not the ones you need to see, so how to modify the live tiles in the W10 start menu?

Eliminating Tiles – Getting rid of any tile is as easy as right-clicking on the tiles you want to erase and clicking Unpin from Start.

Resizing Tiles – Changing the size of the tiles is as easy as deleting them. You also right-click, but this time, you select Resize. You can choose between Small, Medium, Wide and Large.

Adding Tiles – Go to All Apps > Right-Click on an App > Pin to Start. If you don´t like where it was placed, you can left-click on the tiles and drag it to where you want it to be. If you want Windows to display more tiles, go to Settings >Personalization > Start > Show More Tiles.

Changing the Start Menu´s Size

Resizing the start menus is very easy. All you have to do is place the cursor where the menu ends until you see a two-sided arrow. Once you see it, you decide how big or small you want it to be.

Changing The Start Menu´s Color

Not happy with the color the start menu has? To add your favorite colors right-click on your desktop wallpaper and select Personalize. Choose the Colors option on the left side and click on the color you want the start menu to have.

Tips and Tricks Windows 10 Start Menu

Keep in mind that this is only going to be an accent color and if you want it also to appear in other places such as the Taskbar, Start and Action Center, scroll down a tad and toggle on that option.

Tips and Tricks Windows 10 Start Menu

Changing the Name of the Tile Groups

When you first open the start menu, the tiles are already separated into groups and those groups already have a name.

If you´re not happy with its current name you can change it by placing the cursor on the group name and on the right side, you´re going to see two horizontal lines appear. Click on those lines and change the name. It´s that easy.

Tips and Tricks Windows 10 Start Menu

Customizing the All Apps List

All Apps comes with traditional desktop software in a folder, but what if you only want the app shortcut? Let´s say you only want the App shortcut for Dashlane. Right-click on the app is All Apps and choose Open file location.

Tips and Tricks Windows 10 Start Menu

You should now be in the programs directory and here is where you can create additional folders and move shortcuts. If I wanted to, I could move the Dashlane shortcut from the Dashlane folder to the Programs directory and then get rid of the folder. If you want to see if it worked, you will need to reboot your computer.

Turn Off Live Tiles

If you want your live tiles to stay still, deactivating them is also an easy task. To turn off Live Tiles, right-click on the live tile, choose more and then turn it off.

Tips and Tricks Windows 10 Start Menu

Access Any App in Two Clicks

If you wanted to access an app that starts with a W, you probably scroll all the way down until you find that letter, right? There is a much faster way to get to the app without all that scrolling.

Click on the Start Menu and click one Most Used. You should now see the alphabet and if your app starts with a W, click on that letter, and you will be taken to all the app that start with a W.

Prevent Recently Added Apps from Showing

If you´re perfectly capable of remembering what app you recently added and you don´t need Windows to remind you to go to Settings >, Personalization > Scroll down and toggle off Show recently added apps.

Tips and Tricks Windows 10 Start Menu

Decide What Folder Show Up in the Start Menu

If you only want to see the folder that matters the most to you go to Settings > Personalization >  Start and scroll down to Choose which folder appear on Start. Now, you only have to toggle on or off the files you don´t or do want to see.

Tips and Tricks Windows 10 Start Menu

Turn on Windows 8 Full Screen Start Experience

All Windows 8 got was hate from Windows users all around the world, but I´m sure it had at least one thing you liked. If that one thing happened to be the full-screen start experience, you´ll be happy to know that you can get that on Windows 10 as well.

Just got to Settings > Personalization > Start and turn on Use Start full screen.

Add Any Folder to Start

Before, you read how to add any folder to the start menu, but with that tip, you can only add a folder such as File Explorer, but not a particular folder that´s in File Explorer.

For example, let´s say you want to add the screenshots folder to the start menu. Open File Explorer and right click on screenshots and choose Pin to Quick Access.

Tips and Tricks Windows 10 Start Menu

The screenshots folder will now be in Quick Access and once it´s there right-click on Screenshots and scroll down until you see Pin to Start. Click on that, and when you open the start menu, the screenshots folder should appear.

Tips and Tricks Windows 10 Start Menu


As you can see, the Windows 10 start menu is full of great tricks to make our experience a whole lot easier. How did you customize your start menu? Let me know in the comments. Don´t forget to share the article on your social media accounts.

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