The Tower Assassin’s Creed

One of the games most famous and Ubisoft is Assassin’s Creed, which celebrates 10 years. To celebrate Ketchapp a developer of games launches The Tower Assassin’s Creed, it is a tribute to the original game.

The Tower

The goal is simple, to place different pieces that move from right to left of the screen, and we must get to place them one above the other, with which we will build a tower but we can also stop the movement, tap the screen to think.

Our Assassin’s will go up for the tower, as we well know in the game we have climbed out of a multitude of buildings such as the Vatican or the Colosseum and many, many more, but not like we’re going to build ourselves, but the difficulty is that our Assassin’s will go up each time faster so we will have to build faster, each block we

Clearly we will fail (especially at the beginning) the correct place with the result that the block will be decreasing, if we lose our Assassin’s is to pull the vacuum where what we ride for it to fall into a cart of straw, or lose him to the void to get coins.

We may also choose other advantages, such as a magnet, you go slower….

The game introduces us to different scenarios as we go, getting towers higher we will climb level with increasing difficulty and you will unlock locations that will change the background as the architectural styles.

The game is completely free, and we will be able to get coins to buy different Assassin’s assassins. Although it is free it contains advertising which we will be able to remove it for 1,99 euros if you want, but we can say that Ketchapp does good work and does not bother much. Below the link to which you will understand after downloading the game.


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