Take A Selfie of Whoever Is Trying to Unlock Your Phone

Have you ever suspected that someone has been trying to unlock your phone? When you left, it was facing up, and when you come back to get it, it´s facing down. Unless you have security camera watching the area you left your phone is, you have no way of knowing who was trying to unlock your phone but with LockWatch you do.

How to Use LockWatch

That´s where apps such as LockWatch come in. It´s a free app you can download from Google Play that will show you who is trying to break into your phone.

How to Setup The Intruder Selfie

When you first open the app, you will be on the General Tab and the first option is Send Alert Email.

Take Selfie of whoever is trying to access my phone

Toggle that on and the app will ask you turn Activate Device administrator for it, but once you turn that on, the app will ask you to purposely enter the wrong password or pattern so you can see the app in action.

Other Useful Settings for LockWatch

By default, the app will only need one wrong attempt to take a picture of the intruder, but if you want to allow more attempts, you will need to make the necessary changes it the General Tab. Under Send alert email you will see the Number of unlock attempts option, tap on it and the app will let you choose between one, two or three attempts.


In the General Tab, you can also modify where the Email with the intruder selfie goes. This is a great feature since you are not obligated to send it to yourself if you don´t want to.

LockWatch Premium Version

LockWatch also has a Premium Version where you have access to features such as being getting an Email when someone tried to remove your SIM card.

In the Premium version, you can also get three pictures of the intruder with a one-second delay between each image. The Mission Impossible features don´t end there since the app can also record a 20 second sound clip.

It´s normal that you have more than one phone, so if you are in an area that doesn´t have coverage, the app ca send an SMS to a friend when there´s no data connection.

The Information The LockWatch Email Contains

As I mentioned before, the app can send you a picture of the person who is trying to unlock your phone, but if that person took your phone, you would be happy to know that the app also gives you the exact location of your device.


In the Email, the app will explain the device the person is trying to open, the date and the time. You definitely get some very precise information. As if that was not enough, in the Email, you will also get the latitude, longitude and the accuracy of where your device is.

It also tells you that if the device is till online you can track it by using the link that is provided in the Email.


The LockWatch app has a very easy to understand interface and is perfect for those who don´t get along with technology and like to keep things simple. I installed this app to test it out for everyone, but after trying it out, it´s staying on my smartphone for good. Do you think that you´re going to give the app a try? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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