How to See Who’s Stealing Your WiFi and How to Kick Them Out [Android]

A while back your neighbor asked you if they could please use your WiFi since theirs wasn’t working. You would have said no, but you saw they needed to finish something important. Then that thing called a conscience kicked in, and you couldn’t say no.

That was a while back, but your Internet connection has been slow lately, and you can’t shake off that feeling that your neighbor if using your WiFi. If you go ahead and ask them, of course, their going to say no. But, here’s how you can tell if they are using your WiFi.

How to See Who is Stealing Your Wifi [Non-Rooted Android Devices]

If you’re not rooted, you can easily find out who is stealing your WiFi and kick then out with a free app called Fing.When you first open the app, the first thing that you’re going to see is the name of your network and all the devices that are currently connected.

How to Detect Intruders in Your WiFi Network Android

At the top, you’re going to see a refresh button and three vertical dots that take you to the app’s settings. When I tested the app, it showed all my connected devices immediately but don’t worry if it takes a moment to show you your devices.

Do you see a device that’s not yours? know that iPhone 7 is not yours but your neighbor does have one. If you do see a device that doesn’t belong to you just tap on it and you will find all kinds of information such as if the device is online, it’s MAC Address, NetBIOS Domain, Fist Seen and more.

Right above this information, you’re also going to see options such as Scan Services, Ping, Trace Route, Wake on LAN and the most important one, Block Device. This is the option you’re going to need to tap on to finally kick your neighbor of your WiFi network.

How to Find Out If Someone Is Stealing Your WiFi on Android

How to Block WiFi Intruders with Your Computer

Blocking an intruder with your computer is not complicated at all. The one piece of information you’re going to need is the intruder’s MAC address, and Fing can give you that information.

Make sure that you’re using the computer that is connected to your router.To login to your router, you’ll need to type in your IP into your browser and enter your login information. Once you’ve signed into your router, look for the Security options. Its location will vary depending on the kind of router you have. If you don’t see it try looking under the Advanced Settings.

Once you’ve found the Security option, click on MAC Filtering and then Add Device. Type in the MAC address of the device you want to block in the MAC field. If you can, go ahead and give it a name and then clock Apply, OK or Save.

I would also recommend (as long as you’re logged in) that you also change your password. I don’t think you want your neighbor back on your WiFi network somehow.

How to Identify WiFi Intruders and Kick Them Out [Rooted Android devices]

Since you’re rooted, you’re going to need a different app. Go ahead and install an app called Pixel NetCut (Root). After you’ve installed and opened the app, you’re going to be asked to grant the Superuser access request After you tap on Grant, you should see the app’s┬ámain menu.

How to Kick People off Your WiFi for rooted Android devices

Tap on the Scan button (It’s kind of hard to miss). The app should start looking for all the devices on your WiFi network. If you’re a little lost as to which device is which, tap on any option on the list and you should see the device’s manufacturer.

How to Find Intruders on Your WiFi Network for Rooted Android devices - stealing WiFi

If you want to give each listing a nickname, you can do that by tapping on the pencil icon. That’s an excellent way to tell which device is which.

There will also be a green switch to the right. This is the option that allows or denies a device access to your WiFi. So, to kick someone off your WiFi, just toggle it off and bye bye intruder!

The app is also useful for a few other things than just identify and kick out WiFi Intruders. It has some useful diagnostic tools such as latency and ping times, and when you select a device, you can see if it’s reserved any ports.

It doesn’t matter if your rooted or not. You now know how you can identify and block unauthorized devices from using your WiFi. If you want to tell that person a thing or two for stealing your WiFi, that’s on you. Did you find any devices that aren’t yours? Let me know in the comments.

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