South Park: Phone Destroyer, soon for Android

South Park: Phone Destroyer, a title developed by Ubisoft RedLynx in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios, where he presents the mythical characters of South Park like never before had seen in a strategy game in real time action-packed. Enjoy intense Pvp combat, the characteristic humor of South Park and collectable cards in a perfect product more delicious than the chili con carne of Cartman!

Some important features of the games are:

  • Play with over 45 iconic characters of South Park versions of themselves that are totally new, bizarre, and twisted.
  • Fight against players from all over the world in real-time combat action-packed.
  • Enjoy the hilarious single player campaign with an original story written by the creators of South Park.
  • Collects and improves more than 90 exclusive cards, from the High Sheriff Cartman to the devastating spell of Magic
  • Customize your hero to become the hardest type of neighborhood.

This is what we will be able to enjoy the 9 of November that has announced its launch for all the devices but Ubisoft wants to reward yourself if you are interested in this game and that is if you are one of the first in which you download the game you get a suit of man-bear-pig for your avatar. Something funny but you already have.


We updated the entry to say that it is already available the game to enjoy it in your device, but not before we see a small progress:

Link to pre-register.


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