How to Add Slow Motion Effect to Your Android Videos Without a Computer

You’ve seen how great some videos end up to be whenever they apply the slow motion effect or other video editing effects. That effect makes your videos look so great that it’s even used in professional music videos.

No, you won’t have to use any expensive or complicated software. The only tool you’re going to need is a free app from Google Play called VideoShop. It not only gives you the option to add slow motion to your videos but you can also speed them up as well.

How to Create a Video in Slow Motion on Android

When you first open the app it’s going to show you two options; one is to record your new video, and the other is to choose one from your device’s gallery. After selecting your video tap on done at the top right.

You should now see a series of options at the bottom. You can either choose to add a title to your video, Trim it, Add sound, Add a transition effect, Resize, Rotate, and Slow motion.

How to Create a Slow Motion Video on Android

After tapping on the slow motion option, you’ll see a slider at the top of your display. You’re also going to see an icon of a snail and one of a rabbit. If you slide the slider towards the snail, the video will play in slow motion. Depending on how much you slide to towards the snail will determine the speed of the video.

How to Add Slow Motion Effect to Any Android Video

If you slide the circle towards the rabbit, the video will move even faster than usual. Towards the bottom of the display, there will also be two arrows you can slide. The one on the left indicates where you want the slow motion to start and the second one where you want it to end.

If you want, you can add slow motion to the entire video or only a small part of it. When you’re done adding the effect, just tap on Done at the top. The app will automatically start adjusting the speed for the section of the video you selected. You’ll be able to tell where the slow motion begins and end since the app adds a bookmark.

How to Add Themes To Your Videos

When you tap on done, the app will take you to the very beginning. Here, you can continue to add more effects to your video. For example, you can even add a title that will appear at the very beginning of the video. Just double tap on the text and type the title you want. Tap on next, and then you can add filters or themes.

How to Add Real Time Effects To Your Android Videos

You can choose between themes such as Vacay, News, Classic, Speaker, MusicVid, Speedy, and Blur. At the top, you’ll also see the information you can add to your videos such as Title, Author, Place, and Date. When you’re done adding everything you want, you won’t see a save button anywhere.

You’ll need to tap on the share icon at the top and choose how you want to save it. If you want to save it to your device’s gallery, tap on Photos. You’ll also see other saving options such as Vimeo, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTubem Vine, and Email.

At the top, you can also choose the resolution you want to send the video in. You can choose between Low, Medium and High.

Adding slow motion effect to your Android videos is very easy thanks to this app. It’s definitely worth a shot and since it’s free, if you don’t like it you can always uninstall it. So, do you think that you’ll give the app a try? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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