How to Share Your Password and Open WiFi Settings from a Widget

iPhone’s are great in so many ways, but you have to admit that the widget system needs some improvement. You can’t do things such as share your password or check your Internet speed. If Apple won’t improve the iPhone’s widget system, it looks like the developers are going to have to do it for them.

With an app called WiFi Widget, you’ll be able to share your password, access your WiFi settings, test your internet speed and even share your password.

How to Improve Your iPhone’s Widgets

To enjoy these great feature’s you’re going have to install the WiFi Widget App ( from the iOS App Store. The app is selling for $1.99, and that includes a 33% off to celebrate its release. Once the app is installed swipe left until you see your widgets.

Control iPhone WiFi From Widget

Once there, scroll down to the bottom and tap on the Edit button. Now tap on the plus button right beside the WiFi entry and then tap on Done.

How to Hide Your Password from The Lock Screen

To share your WiFi’s password tap on Show More so the widget can expand. Choose Tap to Set Password and enter your password. The app is going to sync the data with iCloud Keychain so it can be available on any other iOS device where the WiFi Widget app is also installed.

How to Hide Your Password on iPhone1

It would be a privacy disaster if anyone could see your password from your lock screen. To make sure no one can see it open the app and tap on Menu and turn on the options that say Unlock for Password.

Once you’ve set everything up, it’s time to enjoy all that the widget has to offer. For example, if you tap on the body of the widget you can run a test to see how fast your Internet speed is. You can either tap on the widget from your home screen, or you lock screen.

If you want to access your device’s WiFi Settings menu just tap on the green checkmark. From here you can easily switch networks.

How to Share Your Password

There will always be someone that wants to use our WiFi, It could be a friend or a family member and if you want to give them access all you have to do is tap on Shore More > Copy > Share and then send it over a compatible service such as iMessage.

The goodies don’t end there if you have an iPad or iPhone that has 3D Touch capabilities you can long-press the WiFi Widget icon on your device’s home screen to go to these features.

If what you want to do is share your password, you’ll long-press on the icon and the options will appear. Don’t worry if you don’t see the password itself. When you tap on the Share WiFi Password, it will still be shared.


It would great if these WiFi features were available without having to install an app. Hopefully, iOS’ widgets will receive the updates it so desperately needs.

For now, you have this great app to try out and that won’t disappoint you. What do you think of the app? Leave a comment and let me know.

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