Share Your Computer Screen with These 2 Extensions

If you’re looking for an easy way to record and share computer screen without having to install complicated tools, then you’re in luck. There are two easy to use Google Chrome extensions you can use that will get the job. If they are not what you expected, you can easily uninstall them.

I’m sure you can find various options out there. But, I wanted to share two of the ones that I liked the best. The Chrome extensions are mind-numbly simple and even if you’re not tech savvy, it won’t matter at all since you’ll still know how to use them.

How to Share Computer Screen with Viewedit

How to Record Your Computer Scree for Free

One of the advantages you’ll have by using the ViewEdit Chrome extension is being able to record your screen with a simple click. You can also choose if you want to record what on a certain tab, the whole screen or only from your webcam. Just click on the option you want and that what it will record when you click on the Record button.

If you decide to record a single tab, you’ll see a blue square on the tab that ViewEdit is recording so you know what your recording. This is helpful when you usually have a million tabs open like me.

How to Record a Certain Part of Your Computer Screen

When you feel that you’ve recorded enough click on the icon the ViewEdit icon and it will automatically stop recording. It will then process what you recorded and show your creation on that same tab.

How to Easily Record Your Computer Screen for Chrome

If you like what you’ve recorded you have various sharing options. You can then either send it by Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Create ad Share a link or if you’re not happy with what you recorded you can also erase it. That’s all there is to ViewEdit. As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward, and it’s almost impossible to get lost using.


A famous screen recording tool you can use is ScreenCastify. This Chrome extension has more features than the first one, but it’s still and easy to use tool. After you’re done installing the extension, ScreenCastify will show you a video on how you can use the extension.

Free Screen Recording Tools for Chrome - share computer screen

If you don’t feel like sitting through the video, you can just close the tab. Click on the icon and set up how you want to record your screen. Just like the first option, you can either record a certain tab, the whole screen or from your webcam.

You can choose if you want to record audio or not and you can also enable or not, the three seconds countdown whenever you record a video. To get rid of the countdown feature, you’ll need to click on the three vertical dots next to the video option.

The extension also tells you that your videos are going to be recorded with 1920 x 1080 px at 30 FPS. There is also an option to enable or disable a preview window.


To record your computer’s screen, there is no need to download complicated Softwares. Much less pay for any tool that for a small price can record your computer screen.

Thanks to these tools you can record your display for free and with ease. Which one do you think you’re going to try? Let me know in the comments.

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