Google PhotoScan: The Easiest Way to Scan Your Old Pictures

Back in the day when people took pictures that were later printed on actual paper, you could only save your photos by putting them into a photo album. If something ever happened to the picture and you needed a copy, cross your fingers that you had the negatives (if you don´t know what negatives are, ask your parents).

Thanks to a new app from Google called PhotoScan for Android and iOS, you can make a digital copy of your childhood pictures. You will finally have for all eternity that picture you would pay a fortune to have disappeared.  The app is very easy to use and perfect for those who don´t get along very well with technology. You only have to worry about pressing one little button

How to Scan Your Paper Pictures with Google PhotoScan

To start scanning your pictures, you just need to place the paper picture in front of your phone and tap on the circle at the bottom. The app will then show you four circle where you need to match the circles. Once you have placed the middle circle on top of the other corner circles, the scan will be complete.

You will also be happy to know that Google PhotoScan does the rotating, cropping and color correcting for you. The less you have to do the better, don’t you think? Since the whole idea of the app is to save your old family pictures, the app allows you to save the scanned image to your Google Photos library with a single tap.

So if something were ever to happen to your phone, your pictures are safe and sound. Yay, that picture of you when you were 5 with that horrible haircut will be around (whisper) F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

Many might think that Google PhotoScan is Google´s way of trying to get more people to out their picture on Google Photo´s. It might very well be, and I think they just might pull it off.

Google Photos New Features

Google PhotoScan was not presented alone. There are new photo editing tools to Google Photo´s for us to enjoy. There is now a new auto-enhance feature and a series of new filters that Google calls Looks.

New Google Photos Filters

Depending on the kind of picture you get, will depend on the treatment the picture gets. For example, if you take a picture where someone face comes out you get a treatment especially for faces, but if you take a picture of some landscape, it will get another.

There are also new sliders for you to use under the light, pop, and color tools that are already there. Do you like the movies Google Photos makes for you from time to time? If you do, expect three more kinds of movies such as The First Few Months in your baby´s life, formal occasions movie, and one called Through The Years for the yearly event such as New Years and Christmas.


You can clearly see that Google wants to be a part of every aspect of our life by creating all these great services. Will you give the Google PhotoScan a try? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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