Scan Files Without Downloading Them [Chrome]

If you could scan files before you download them, you will save yourself from so many problems. You probably have a good antivirus, but there can be times when it can miss an infected file.

There’s a free Chrome extension called Metadefender that allows you to scan files before you download them. That way, you’re able to see if the file is worth downloading or not. I’m sure you have enough issues to deal with, and that last thing you need is an infected computer.

Scan Files With Metadefender Before

Metadefender is a must-have tool for every Chrome browser. The files it scans for you are scanned against more than 40 different threat detection engines and antiviruses. If you’ve ever used or read about Virustotal, Metadefender is similar but a lot better.

How to scan files without downloading them for Chrome

Metadefender comes with more features, and unlike Virustotal, it gives you a 140 MB per file limit. If Metadefender ever gives you problems and the file size doesn’t go over 128MB (Virustotal limit) you always have an alternative.

When you use Metadefender, you’ll see how it scans every file of an archive individually to show you the results for each file. To scan a file, all you have to do is right-click on a file that has a direct link to public Internet sites. When you right-click just choose the ¨scan with Metadefender before downloading option¨.

Once the option is selected, Metadefender is opened in a new tab, but if something were to go wrong, you’d get a Chrome notifications letting you know. I recommend you try again if you get the error, but if it happens again, then that’s enough.

Things to Remember

One thing to keep in mind is that Metadefender will only work with files that are linked directly. If the file you want to scan is on a site that uses JavaScripted or other tools that protect files from hotlinking, then you’re just going to get a scan error.

Not all hope is lost if you get this error since you can still use the manual method. The Chrome extension works just as great if you were to use the manual method or the Chrome extension.

You’ll see the score at the top with information on your file. Whenever you want to go to Metadefender’s website, just click on the icon you’ll find on your Chrome browser.

As you can see, this is one handy Chrome extension to have around and if you ever get bored if it, it can easily be removed. So, do you think that you’re going to give the extension a try? Drop a comment and let me know.

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