Samsung start unlocking your chip FM

Although the CES is an event where we present new developments, but also of important announcements and is that Samsung has announced that it will proceed to the unlocking of their chips to FM radio on their next mobile, a chip that for some users it has fallen in disuse but for others it is something that is necessary.

Although the service is streaming each day is strong and has a strong demand, and with a data rate to be rather high-many users forget about the FM radio, whose utility is more useful than one would think. The funny thing is that many manufacturers block this chip come series, as semiconductor manufacturers include it being relatively easy to put in and that takes up so little space.

Actually we use it a lot in the car, you must also take into account that the use of the FM radio greatly reduces the consumption of your battery that is why it is so popular the app NextRadio, but for emergency situations it is a good utility as 3G networks, 4G are the first to fall as has been seen in the recent disasters

Samsung will begin to integrate the application NextRadio on your terminals and want to unlock the chip in all the models that are sold in the united States and Canada. But is it the only one? The answer is no, because in this movement there also appear names such as LG, Motorola, and Alcatel.

One of the questions is that if Samsung will also do in other markets, we have the hope that if they do so, and to join more manufacturers, not only for the saving of our battery but because they do not must go away a useful technology.

NextRadio has a list of devices that have been unlocked, if you interested, visit the following address: Unlocked FM

Source: nextradioapp


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