Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, the phone that reinvented the communication

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. presents the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, the smartphone that reinvented the way we communicate, share and experience the world. Prepared for a new era in which users communicate and express themselves with ever more images, videos and emojis, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ personify the innovation with the advanced camera of Samsung. Redesigned with the new Dual-lens Aperture makes it possible for a camera for low-light conditions, with the capacity for video recording Super Slow-mo and with AR Emojis custom. With the Galaxy S9 and S9+ users to not miss any experience, and the everyday becomes extraordinary.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ offer the best entertainment experience thanks to powerful stereo speakers calibrated by AKG, the immersive sound that provides the technology Dolby Atmos and an Infinite Screen refined end-to-end, an identity element in the design language from Samsung. In addition to the Galaxy S9 and S9+ come with the new application, SmartThings, which unifies the services IoT of Samsung to offer an unbeatable experience.

The way in which we use smartphones has changed as it has evolved the way in which we communicate and express

says DJ Koh, president of the division IT & Mobile Communications of Samsung Electronics.

With the Galaxy S9 and S9+ we have reimaginado the smartphone’s camera. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ not only makes it possible for the user to be able to take better photos and record better videos in any place, in addition to are designed to help you connect with others and to express themselves in their way, unique and personal.

The camera, reimaginada

Today’s cameras do more than photos: they connect people and communicate. The public demand that the camera of your smartphone has the latest technology, which allows them to express themselves with the best image quality and that have tools that make it easier for them to count for themselves their own history. The cameras of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are made for those people, with a sensor Super Speed Dual Pixel with processor and dedicated memory and the ability to combine up to 12 shots in a single image, to produce photographs in high quality. These are some of the functions built into the cameras of the Galaxy S9 and S9+:

  • Video recording Super Slow-mo: to convert each moment into the extraordinary with videos recorded at 960 frames per second. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ also have auto-detection of movement (Motion Detection), an intelligent feature that starts recording automatically when it detects movement within the frame. All you have to do the user is to prepare the decision. Once you have made the decision to slow motion the user can choose the background music from among 35 different options, or add a song from your playlist. Or with a simple touch the user can create, edit and easily share GIF files with three different styles looping; to visualize the action in a loop, over and over again.
  • Camera Super Low Light
  • : Lighting is the secret of all good photography. But often the photos are taken in light conditions that are not ideal, and the majority of smartphone cameras have a fixed aperture that cannot be adjusted or for environments with low light or scenes with too much lighting. This results in images granulosa by the lack of light or burned by the excess of light. Similar to the way the iris of the human eye dilates and contracts, the opening dual2 Samsung (f1,5 – f2,4) is adjusted automatically to let in more light when the scene is dark and to prevent excess light when the scene is too bright, getting photos are crisp and clear.

  • AR Emojis: Samsung allows the user to create an emoji that looks, sounds and acts just like him. The AR Emojis used an artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes a 2D image of the user and at the same time it traces out a 3D model of your face based on more than 100 facial features to represent and mimic expressions such as winks, and head movements, obtaining a customization realistic. The AR Emojis can express the emotions of the user not only through video but also through an extensive catalog of stickers in the standard format AGIF that can be shared through the majority of messaging applications.
  • Bixby: The platform Samsung smart, integrated into the camera, it uses augmented reality and technologies artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the user with useful information about your entorno3. Thanks to the detection and recognition of objects in real-time Bixby generates useful information instantly and overlays in the scene that is attracting the camera. The user can also translate languages and to convert foreign currencies in real time with Live Translation, learn about their environment, to purchase products seen in the real world and make a track of the calorie intake throughout the day.

The entertainment, reimaginado

Smartphones are often the preferred option for the entertainment, the reason for which Samsung has created a device that offers an experience premium sound with stereo speakers calibrated by AKG. Whether the user is watching his favorite movie as if you are listening to the latest album of your preferred artist the sounds are clear, crisp, and of great wealth. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ also support Dolby Atmos, creating a surround-sound effect of 360 degrees.

The audio experience of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ is complemented with the revolutionary Infinite Screen of Samsung. Presented for the first time in the Galaxy S8, the eye-catching and brilliant Infinite screen Super AMOLED is fused to the smartphone with virtually no bezel. And thanks to the improvement of the adaptive contrast the user can use the smartphone even under the direct light of the sun.

A device for the life style connected

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the first smartphones compatible with the new application SmartTings, a feature which becomes the central hub from which to manage all aspects related to the life-style connected, both at home and in the office or on the move. The application SmartThings debuts along with the Galaxy S9 and S9+ and will interconnect other devices, both from Samsung and third parties.

For those who are in constant movement the new generation of Samsung DeX power your lifestyle to offer in the smartphone experience of full screen and large size. With the new base DeX Pad the user can easily connect to the Galaxy S9 and S9+ on an external monitor, with an increase of the resolution to WQHD, to a keyboard and a mouse and extend the mobile experience to edit documents or to enjoy video games full screen. With DeX Pad the user can convert your Galaxy S9 and S9+ on a keyboard and a mouse touch.

The best part comes standard with the Galaxy family

Samsung is the reference on smartphones with the certification IP687 of resistance to water and dust, and with wireless charging, and with the Galaxy S9 and S9+ goes a step further. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ now allow you to expand the storage space with a micro SD card up to 400 GB and are equipped with the latest processors, which offer a huge performance and a sophisticated processing of the images.

In addition to the Galaxy S9 and S9+ provide the user with the peace of mind of knowing that your smartphone is protected by Knox 3.1, the latest version of the security platform of Samsung. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ support three authentication options biometrics: iris, fingerprint and facial recognition, so that the user can choose what is the best way to protect your device, your content and your applications. The devices incorporate Intelligent Scan, a new authentication method that leverages the combined strength of the iris scan and the facial recognition to unlock quickly and easily the smartphone, in any situation. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ also incorporate Dedicated Fingerprint, offering the user the possibility of choosing a fingerprint different from that used to unlock the smartphone to access the secure folder.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ take health monitoring to a new level with an optical sensor improved that is built in to the device, providing more complete and accurate information about the state of health of the user. This sensor also allows the Galaxy S9 and S9+ track of the load factor of the heart, a real-time measurement related to the oxygen demand of the heart


The Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be available starting march 16, 2018, according to markets, and will be offered in the colors Midnight Black, Blue, Coral and the new shade of Lilac Purple.

Samsung Galaxy S9 is 849 euros and Galaxy S9+ is 949 euros



Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9+


Android 8 (Oreo)


5.8-inch Quad HD + Curved Super AMOLED display, 18.5:9 9,10 (529ppi)

A 6.2-inch Quad HD + Curved Super AMOLED display, 18.5:99,10 (570ppi)


147,7 mm x 68,7 mm x 8.5 mm, 163 g, IP6811

158,1 mm x 73,8 mm x 8.5 mm, 189 g, IP6811


Rear: Super Speed Dual Pixel 12 megapixel, sensor AF with OIS (f1,5/f,2,4)

Front: 8 – megapixel AF (f1,7)

Rear: dual Camera with dual OIS

      • Wide-angle: Super Speed Dual Pixel 12 megapixel, sensor AF (f1,5/f,2,4)
      • Telephoto lens: 12 megapixel, sensor AF (f2,4)
      • Front: 8 – megapixel AF (f1,7)


10 nm, 64-bit, Octa-core (2.7 GHz Quad + 1.7 GHz Quad)12

10 nm, 64-bit, Octa-core processor (2.8 GHz Quad + 1.7 GHz Quad)



64 GB/128 GB/256 GB + slot Micro SD (up to 400 GB)13


64 GB/128 GB/256 GB + slot Micro SD (up to 400 GB)13

Card SIM

Single SIM: Nano SIM

Dual SIM (SIM hybrid): Nano SIM + Nano SIM or MicroSD


3.000 mAh

3.500 mAh

Fast charging cable compatible with QC 2.0

Fast-charge wireless compatible with WPC and PMA


Enhanced 4X4 MIMO / CA, LAA, LTE Cat.18


Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5GHz), VHT80 MU-MIMO, 1024QAM, Bluetooth® v 5.0 (up to 2Mbps), ANT+, USB type-C, NFC, localization (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou)14




Sensor rris, sensor pressure, tocelerómetro, barómetro, sensor fingerprint, sensor gyroscopic, sensor geomagnetic, sensor Hall, sensor HR, sensor proximity sensor light RGB


Type of lock: pattern, PIN, password

Lock type biométricor: iris scanner, scanner of fingerprints, facial recognition, Intelligent Scan: biometric authentication, multimodal scanning of iris and facial recognition.


Stereo speakers calibrated by AKG, surround sound technology with Dolby Atmos, playback of audio formats: MP3, M4A, 3GA, AAC, OGG, OGA, WAV, WMA, AMR, AWB, FLAC, MID, MIDI, XMF, MXMF, BMI, RTTTL, RTX, OTA, APE, DSF, DFF




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