Quickly Set a Time Limit on Any Windows 10 Account

You might need to set a time limit on a Windows 10 account because you’re tired of telling your kids to get off the computer. Maybe it’s not just your children but your significant other that just can’t seem to turn the computer off. You tried to play nice but since that didn’t work its time for restrictions and the good news is that you can quickly set time restrictions on any account for Windows 10.

Note: To create time restrictions you will need administrative privileges.

How to Setup Time Limit on any Windows 10 Account

To set a time limit on a Windows 10 account, you will need to gain access to the command prompt. You can open the command prompt by right-clicking on the Windows icon and choose Command Prompt, or you can click on the Windows icon, go to All apps > Windows System > Command Prompt. While we’re on the subject of the command prompt, don’t forget it’s possible to personalize the command prompt, just in case you’re bored of its current look.

Time limit Windows 10 Account

Time limit Windows 10 Account

Once you have the command prompt open you  need to enter the following command;

net user username /times:M-F , 9pm-11pm;Sa-Su ,5pm-6pm

Time limit Windows 10 Account

Don’t forget to replace the username with the name of the account you want to restrict.  M-F means Monday through Friday, but you can obviously modify the days and the time to you needs. The above code was just an example. Once you are done changing the above code, tap on Enter and the next time that specific user wants to log on outside of the time frame you have set up, they will get a message on their screen to try again later and that their account has restrictions.

You can also set a time a limit for a Windows 10 account for different time frames in the same day. For example, let’s say that you don’t want a certain user to use the computer from Monday through Friday from 6am to 8am and from 4pm to 10pm of that same day. In that case, you would have to type the command net user name of account /time:Sa,8am-4pm;M-F ,4pm-8pm

That’s it. Creating a time restriction for a Windows 10 account is that easy, but what if you change your mind?

How to Undo the Time Restriction to a Windows 10 Account

If the user has learned his or her lesson and is ready to listen when you tell them it’s time to get off the computer, undoing the time restriction on their Windows 10 account is just as easy as setting it up. Open the command prompt (if you don’t remember how to do it scroll up) and enter net user username /times:all and hit Enter.

How to Temporarily Block a Windows 10 Account

If what you want to do is block the account altogether, you can do that by leaving the time blank, in other words, don’t enter anything after the time : part. If you need to remember the time frames you set up for a particular user, you can do that by entering net user and then the account name.


As you can see, setting up and taking down a time frame for a Windows 10 account is a piece of cake. Don’t forget to save this tutorial since you never know when you might need to set up the restriction again. Share your thought in the comments!

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