Quickly Create a GIF from a YouTube Video

If you want to create a YouTube GIF, there are various tools you can use. The problem with then is that the majority are messy and don’t work very well. If they do work, they won’t let you do a thing without opening an account that asks you for all kinds of information. You obviously don’t want to waste your time with those types of tools since they won’t get you anywhere and will only waste your time.

Let’s give our attention to free Youtube GIF makers that not only create great GIFs for you to enjoy but are hassle and money free. The only problem you will face is deciding which GIF maker to use first. Regardless of which one you choose,  don’t forget to let me know what GIF you create with the tool in the comments.


MakeaGIF is a site I think you are going to like. It lets you easily create the Youtube GIF you want, but is also loaded with all sorts of GIF goodies. First, let’s get to what matters, creating that GIF. With MakesGIF you can quickly create that GIF without having to register or give out the slightest piece of information. You’re going to need to have the Youtube URL ready since it’s obviously going to need that.

How to Make a Youtube GIF

Once you’ve entered the Url, you will need to make some adjustment to your soon to be GIF. You will need to think of a great title to give your GIF and also move the slider to the GIF starts right where you want it to. The second slider gives your GIF the length you want to give it. The maximum the GIF can be in 10 seconds.  Anything more than that might not be considered a GIF to many.

Since the GIF you’re going to create will be uploaded to the site, you will need to select the category it’s going to go in. To give the GIF more visibility, don’t forget to add tags as well. MakeaGIF will also give you the option of adding audio and even subtitles. Even though this site lets you create Youtube GIFs, it also provides other sources.

For example, you can create GIFs from sources such as Pictures, Videos, Your webcam or you can upload a GIF you made somewhere else. MakesGif is not picky and will take the GIFs you already have.  If you do want to sign in, you can either sign up on the site or use your Facebook or Twitter account.


A great GIF making tool you may have heard of is Giphy. You probably already use this tool on Facebook Messenger, but with the online tool, you create them. Right at the very top, you will see where you need to enter the URL. Simply paste the URL there, and the video will automatically load. Below the video is where you will find the editing tools.

Giphy Creater

The GIF can last a maximum of 10 seconds and can start from any part of the video you want. Once you click on the create GIF button, you will see a page where you can see what your masterpiece looks like. There will be social media buttons that will allow you to share your GIF. That way, others can die of envy of how great your GIF is. Don’t worry if you see that your GIF is slow at first, give it a moment and then it will run normally.

If you want to add the GIF to your site, there is an Iframe embed URL ready for you to copy. If you click on the Advanced tab, you will see that there is an option to upload the GIF to your Twitter account, but you need to sign in first. You can also download the GIF or copy the link and share it however you want.

Free GIF Maker

Free GIF Maker

Free GIF Maker may not have a beautiful design, but it gets the job done. Paste the URL of the video and make the standard changes. For example, you’ll find options that will allow you start the GIF from anywhere in the video, how long you want the GIF to last and a button to preview it.

Once you’ve approved the GIF and you’re ready to share it with everyone you will see various URLs. You’ll have one to paste on Facebook, your blog, Skype, and MSN. Below those URLs, you will also see options to change, delete your GIF or try another video. If you have some time to kill the site also lets you add animated GIF effects, use an animation maker, and a reverse GIF.


I don’t think GIFs will ever go out of style since they are just too much fun to create. They will always make us laugh and give us something to do when you’re bored. What is the best GIF you’ve ever created? Leave a comment and let me know!

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