Quickly Add a WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

Every time you try to change your WhatsApp profile picture you´re obligated to crop off the majority of it, sometimes leaving out an important part if it. With WhatsApp, there is no way to get the entire picture as our profile image, but with the help of an app called WhatsCrop, it´s possible. With this app, you will be able to fit every member of your family in your profile picture and not have to decide who to leave out.


When you first launch the app you are going to see a blank circle inside a square, this is where your new WhatsApp profile picture will appear. On the bottom, you will be able to choose between five different options.

5 Options to Edit Your WhatsApp Profile Picture

With the first option, you can either take a new picture or you can browse through your device´s gallery.


Once the picture is inside the circle, you can zoom in or out by placing two fingers on the photo and sliding your fingers outward or inward. If you´re not sure what would be the best position to put the image in you can select the second option that will do the job for you. You can either tell the app to adjust the picture to the circle or to the square. The reason it´s tilted is that I tilted it after it was adjusted, something else you can do to the image.


The third option the app gives you is to rotate the picture.  You can turn the image in all sorts of directions, so you can choose the one that best fits your image. The fifth option gives you the possibility to either add a background color, background image or a photo frame to cover any white you may have left on your picture.


Adding Frames

If you want to add a frame to your image, you have three categories to choose from. You can choose between Classic, Love or X-Mas (might be a little too early for this one). Unfortunately, the Love frames only have two options. The Classic frames are the option with the most frames with a total of 19. You can either add a movie frame, wood frame, Candy frame, American Flag Frame, Etc.


If you want to add a background image, you won´t be able to insert another image from your gallery. The option will take you different folders named The Pattern Library, Classic, Dark, Light and Wood. Let´s say you were to choose The Pattern Library Folder, there you can choose from patterns such as Canvas Orange, Hot Dogs, Kiwis, Kitties, and much more!

While I was using the app, I ran into 2 video ads that started playing on their own. There was no X anywhere to close them. If this happens to you tap of the back button of your device (like I did) and that made the ad go away. When you are done creating your WhatsApp profile picture, a copy will automatically be saved in your device´s gallery and your WhatsApp profile picture will also be changed. So, next time you open WhatsApp, you will see your new picture.


It´s all about freedom and thanks to WhatsCrop you can finally have the WhatsApp profile picture you have always wanted. Now, vertical pictures won´t be a problem anymore, and they can now be placed as is. Did you find the app useful? Let me know in the comments.

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