Program Betatester BQ – Follow-up…

We recently published a news story on the opening of two new phones from the family Aquaris BQ that enter the beta program on this occasion to launch Android Oreo. But what has happened to the rest of devices?

When they announced the program was launched 4 devices in your beta program:

  • Aquaris A4.5
  • Aquaris M5
  • Aquaris M5.5
  • <Aquaris X5

That have been updated and you have been referred to the page, in the which he desapercido the BQ Aquaris A4.5, the reason is that it has already been released your update, so if you’re one of those users who still have not heard, spend for the page of downloads.

What happens with the rest?

With the exception of Aquaris X and X Pro that have recently opened and are working on it. But let’s talk about the rest.

Aquaris M5

The program launches on the 17th of August 2017, which has been evolving, and on the 13th of December, have announced a new beta which seems to be the final but by the time it will take to launch the final version. If you are owner of this phone and you are through with the beta version, spend by this thread to sign up.

His possible release could happen at the end of this month, but I think that it will be launched for the 2018.

Aquaris M5.5

The program launches on the 17th of August 2017, which has been evolving, but they closed down the thread by the Administrator for failing to meet a series of standards, the closing date is 15 November 2017, and it is not known, but the only thing is that it follows open enrollment period, this would be the thread

It is uncertain the output of this update.

Aquaris X5

The program launches on the 17th of August 2017, which has been evolving, but to date 14 of December re-open the registrations because, according to officials.

You are currently in a very advanced stage, so the risks are minimal.

Possibly, like the other update of the BQ Aquaris M5 it may come to the end of this year as at the beginning, but the only thing that we encourage is for owners who sign up or enroll in the beta program.

We can say that updates to BQ would be in the environment for 7 months or 6 months since he announced the program, but it is more than a year after the departure of the official version of Google.

Project Treble , What As a solution?

We’ve been talking about this project already quite in several articles, in a nutshell, what makes this “project” that it is better as a system, is to separate the software and the hardware to do an upgrade, which you can send updates independent of the hardware, which if you can upgrade but later on to make it compatible with some functions.

Now, times that brand BQ, or which we have assumed or we see visible could be reduced, we are clear that there is a certification on the part of Google but we believe that in the beta programs would be more simple and possibly better at times,we might say, even a reduction of half or even less than 3 months depending on the version, for example to jump from the 8.0 to the 8.1, it would take less than the 7.1.1 to 8.0, as the drivers of a similar version there would be no need to update so that it would be more transparent, that is, if we believe that the beta program is recommended to identify potential errors or if any driver if you need to be updated.

The test fire will be in the month of February/march, where possibly launch a new version of phones that will launch with Oreo and is a requirement of this new version and see if the times go down or remain long.


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