Prevent Microsoft from Spying on You with Spybot Anti-Beacon

It’s a known fact that the majority of us are a little paranoid when it comes to your privacy. You have your reasons to be and trust me; those reasons can add up to quite a few. For example, you know that Microsoft is a data-hungry creature that just can’t get enough of your information.

Windows 10 does offer a few privacy options when you first install it., The built-in Windows search is Cortana are known to give out our info. So, basically, those privacy options are useless.

How To Stop Microsoft from Spying on You

Spybot Anti-Beacon has a very useful feature called Refresh Immunization every time you turn on your computer. This feature is imperative because it’s no secret that Microsoft has undone a few of the privacy protectors users have installed. Microsoft does this whenever it comes out with a major update for Windows 10.

How to Stop Microsoft from Spying on you

After you’ve installed the software, you’ll see the main tab. Here you can see all of the main protection tweaks that you’ll be able to make to your Windows 10 computer.

For example, being able to block the Telemetry Host file, group policies that disable Telemetry, Telemetry Services, disables AIT in group policy, disabling of the Customer Improvement Program group policy, WiFi sense, App advertising ID and more.

The only thing you have to do to protect your privacy is click on the Immunize button. If you need more information on a particular option, you can always click on the Show Options button. It will give you more information on what every section is in-depth. That way you’re sure you’re blocking the right options.

Additional Information

It’s not extremely important, but I would recommend that you take a look at the Optional tab. Take a good look at the options and block the ones you know you’re not going to use.

I think you’ll be happy to know that the privacy software also offers some task editors and group policy for Microsoft 2016 and 2013.  Just in case you didn’t know Microsoft Office also send your information back to the company. Shocker (sarcasm).

There’s nothing special about the rest of the tabs. You’ll only see questions, Logs and Developer credits. But, if you want to take a look at them, go for it. Spybot Anti-Beacon takes care of several Windows 10 privacy fixes you could do manually, but it’s better if the software does it for you.

These changes will be reproduced automatically but don’t forget to keep the software up to date. Microsoft is sneaky and changes where they keep the Telemetry options for Windows 10.

Download Spybot Anti-Beacon

Spybot Anti-Beacon is one very useful software that will help your data private. It was made to prevent Microsoft from getting their hands on information you don’t want them to have.

If you want to give the privacy software a try, you can download it from the company’s official site for free. You can see for yourself how it works and if it’s not what you’re looking for, you didn’t spend a dime on it. What do you think of the software? Leave a comment and let me know.

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