How To Prevent Your iPhone From Overheating

You expect a lot from your iPhone. You need to to do a lot so you can stay on top of things at work or for some other reason. Since you’re constantly using your iPhone, those tasks can heat up your iPhone. But, do you what things can cause your iPhone to overheat?

Let’s take a look at things you can do to prevent your iPhone from overheating. With these tips, you will keep your iPhone in tip-top shape and avoid having to buy a new one due to the damage overheating may have caused.

How to Keep Your iPhone from overheating

Turn Off Unnecessary Features – It’s great that you always want to be connected and be ready for everything. That’s why you probably have almost every feature on. You have Bluetooth, WiFi, Location Services and everything you can possibly think of.

The best thing you can do is turn off whatever services you don’t need at the moment. I’m sure you’re going to use them sooner or later, but keep them off until then.

To turn WiFi and Bluetooth off swipe up from the bottom of your display until the Control Center comes up. If you see that the Bluetooth and WiFi are on, tap on the icons to turn them off.

Don’t Leave Your iPhone in Direct Sunlight

You probably don’t do this on purpose, but leaving your phone in direct sunlight is an awful idea. Your iPhone is probably already hot from the features it’s running, and the sunlight will only make it hotter. To protect your phone, keep in wrapped in cotton or in a bag to protect it from the sun.

Turn Off Your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot

You know that sharing is caring, but sometimes it’s OK to be selfish. You don’t always have to share your Internet connection with other devices. By turning this off, you’re preventing your iPhone from overheating.

How to Prevent Your iPhone from overheating

If you ever do need to share your Internet connection, that’s when you can turn it back on. To turn this setting off go to Settings > Personal Hotspot > Toggle Off. If the button is gray, then it’s off. You can obviously use these same steps to turn it back on.

Use Airplane Mode

If you feel that your iPhone is not extremely overheated, but it would be great if it were a little cooler, try Airplane Mode. By tapping on this, you’re eliminating all wireless components that can cause your iPhone to overheat. You can turn Airplane Mode opening the Control Panel and tapping on the icon with the place symbol.

Turn Off Location Services

The reasons as to why you may want to use Location Services can vary. Maybe you want to know what the nearest WiFi hotspot is, but this is another reason why your iPhone is overheating.

Location Services uses GPS to find locations, and it won’t stop looking. To turn it off just to go Settings > Privacy > Location Services. By having this off, you’re going to notice how your iPhone will start cooling down.

Eliminate Apps That Eat Too Much Battery

It doesn’t matter if you have Android or iOS, they’re everywhere. I’m referring to apps that just can’t get enough of your phone’s battery. To see which apps are eating your phone’s battery go to Settings > Scroll down and tap on the Battery option.

You might not see it immediately, so wait a few seconds. After that, you should see the battery usage feature and some apps and services. Tap on where it says the Last 7 Days to see what apps have been taking up the most battery.

How Keep Your iPhone from Overheating - overheating iPhone

Beside each app, you’re going to see a clock icon. Tap on the clock to see more details about that particular app. Now it’s up to you to decide what apps you want to uninstall. Don’t forget that there are plenty of tricks you can do to help improve your iPhon’s battery.

 Install Updates As Soon As They’re Available

If you’ve been putting off installing that update, maybe it’s time to install it. If you just don’t have enough storage, perhaps it’s time to do some cleaning. Your iPhone could be overheating because of a bug.

The update you’ve been putting off could have the fix you’ve been waiting for. Before you accept the update, there are something you need to make sure of. For example, make sure your iPhone’s battery is fully charged or at least charge it while you’re installing the update.

You’re going to need to have at least 1.5GB of free storage to be on the safe side. To check how much storage you have go to Settings > General > About > See on the available section. You can also go to Settings > General > Software update.

Stop Playing Games for Too Long

Some people have a tendency to forget that iPhone’s are not consoles. You can play your PS4 for hours and it will be fine. That’s something you can’t do with your iPhone. If you play a game that just makes the CPU work too hard and that why your iPhone overheats.

Remove The Case

The reason why you’re iPhone is overheating is because the case is suffocating it. Try removing the case and using it that way for a while. I’ve done that with my phone and I’ve definitely seen a difference.


If you follow the tips mentioned on the list, you’ll never have to worry about your iPhone overheating. Be especially careful during the Summer since the heat can also contribute to your iPhone overheating. Did I miss any tips you use to keep your iPhone cool? Leave a comment and let me know.

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