Poly, a free database with thousands of 3D objects by Google

In the world of content creation of VR and AR, there are some like sketchfab, a community dedicated to the 3D world, Google is supporting with tools like blocks, tiltbrush.

Now Google presents to us Poly, a database of objects and 3D scenes that have been created by people all over the world and that you can use in your applications, integrating for example in Unity. But all of this is free.

This gallery is thinking for use in the platforms, VR and AR from Google, but you can use the 3D object to whatever you want, even we think also for 3D printing but that each one is free to think what to do.

If you are a developer in 3D you can help by providing your items both to contribute to the community but also an exhibition of your creations and a good place to promote your talent, even if your work what you have in SketchUp you can save it with the OBJ format, it’s a shame that Google sold this tool.

On the website of Poly is active with the option to download the objects and export their views the previous GIF. Surely let’s look at part of Google the possibility of using an API to Google developers for what they could call such objects without the necessity of them in the game, apps


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