How to Send Blank WhatsApp Messages to Your Friends to Prank Them

Since WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app out there, it´s normal that the app is on every smartphone out there. It´s the app most of us use to communicate with our family and friends to messaging them about something important or just to see how they are.

Thanks to an app you can use WhatsApp for more than just messaging. How about using WhatsApp also to play pranks on everyone? Since there is no built-in feature to play pranks on someone on WhatsApp, you´re going to need Empty.

It´s an easy to use app that´s free to download from Google Play that allows you to send blank messages to your friends and confuse the heck out of them. Just be careful not to prank them too much, or they might block you on WhatsApp.

How to Send Empty Messages in WhatsApp

With the Empty app, you will finally be able to get back at your friends for all the pranks they played on you, sweet revenge. If you´ve never been good at fooling someone, you can do it from a distance thanks to this easy to use app. The app doesn´t take long to download and doesn´t ask for a boat load of permissions.

When you first open the app, you will see a simple interface with a Send button at the bottom. Select the Send button and a popup window should appear. The message will say Send blank message with the WhatsApp icon at the bottom.

How to Send Empty Messages on WhatsApp

Tap on the WhatsApp icon and choose the friends you want to send the blank message to. You can select multiple contacts to send the blank message to and once you´re done choosing tap on the green circle with the white check mark inside.

Empty Has One Drawback

Every time you want to send a blank message to someone, you need to do it from the Empty app. No additional feature will be added to the WhatsApp app to let you send the blank messages that way. It would have been better if the app added some type of shortcut within WhatsApp, so if you´re already using WhatsApp, you don´t have to leave it to send a blank message.

For example, an icon that you can access through your device´s keyboard would have been great. Believe it or not, that´s all there is to the app. The app may not be full of fancy features, but it will surely get the job done. This is what the blank message looks like:

Send empty WhatsApp Messages

You can easily make your friends think that their WhatsApp is not working. Say the right words and they will believe they have some serious problems. If you ever see this friend in person, it´s all about keeping a straight face when they ask you about the blank messages. If you laugh, they will know something´s up.

Final Thoughts

It may not be April Fools, but you can still have fun with this app. If you give it a try, you will see that it´s mind-numbingly simple and it a lot of fun. Do you think you will use this app on your friends? Leave a comment and let me know.

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