Top 5 Free Software’s to Clean Your Windows PC

The reason why your PC was so fast when you first took it out of the box, was because it hardly had any software’s. Of course, it was going to run at the speed of light since there was hardly anything slowing it down.

With time, you started adding more and more software’s that eventually slowed it down. The idea of a PC Cleaning Software probably crossed your mind, but you quickly dismissed the idea. Hopefully, you didn´t dismiss the idea of adding a good antivirus to keep your PC safe.

You may have even uninstalled some of those software’s that only left behind junk files. This process, over time, can slow down you PC. There is an extensive list of other things that can also slow down your PC, but I´m sure you didn´t click on this post to hear about the causes.

The Best PC Cleaning Software for Free

You want a software that is going to help you with all those things that are slowing down your PC. There are some amazing software’s that I could recommend, but only if you’re willing to pay. Don’t worry; there are some free PC cleaning software’s that I can recommend as well.

Clean Master for PC

Free PC Software to Improve Performance

You’ve probably heard of the name Clean Master before but when you came across it in Google Play. This Clean Master is the PC version that is going to help you to get rid of all those unnecessary files from your computer’s system. You’ll finally be able to recover that hard drive space that can be used for something more important.

By downloading clean master for PC, you will optimize and clean your PC of all that junk that is only hurting it. Whenever you run a scan, you will get a report of everything your PC can live without.

All the files will be subdivided by Junk Files, Video/Audio, Social junk, Invalid registry keys, System cache and much more. Clean Master for PC is a great software for beginners since it has a flexible and user-friendly interface.

After every analysis, you can either delete the files manually or have the software do it for you.

Download Clean Master for PC

If you want to give Clean Master for PC, you can enjoy all the features the software has to offer by downloading it from the company’s official site. Since the software is free, you have nothing to lose if it´s not what you are looking for.

Iolo System Mechanic Free

Clean Junk Files with Iolo System Mechanic Free - PC Cleaning Software

This is another PC cleaning software that I’m sure you’ve come across. Just like your typical PC cleaning software, Iolo System Mechanic Free cleans your PC of junk files and app your PC doesn´t need anymore.

The software can also block unwanted auto-runs settings, and it can also block bloatware. Your RAM will also be cleared out, Logs will be erased, Cache will be gone, and browser history will be eliminated.

Iolo system mechanic free also protects your privacy by getting rid of your browsing history, you can stop leaving traces of yourself all over the Internet. Since the software frees up critical system resources, you will notice how your PC’s performance improves.

Download Iolo System Mechanic Free

System Mechanic Free is waiting for you to download it from the company’s official site. With the free version, you will only get a glimpse of what this software has to offer.



Keep your computer in the best condition with CleanMyPC from MacPaw. It will clean out all that trash that your computer has piled up and keeps your registry nice and clutter-free. This software will also remove all the clutter other uninstallers may have left behind.

Thanks to the uninstaller, you can completely remove any programs you don´t need anymore, so you can use that space for something more important. This software will also remove all the clutter other uninstallers may have left behind.

How to Improve Your PCs Performance

CleanMyPC also makes it easy for you to get rid of useless extensions, Wipe your entire online history, Permanently erase files, Eliminate the hibernation file, and it´s also available in a variety of languages.

Download CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC has a very user-friendly interface that even a beginners can understand. You can either download the paid version to use the free version. You can get both versions directly from MacPaw’s official site.

Piriform CCleaner Free

The Best PC Cleaning Software

Another popular software that can easily clean your PC is CCleaner Free. This is a software that I have used for many years and can say that it works great.

The PC cleaning software will eliminate registry entries, useless files, cleaning browser cache, and Cookies. Whenever a new version of the free software is available, it notifies you so you can always have the latest version.

Download Piriform CCleaner Free

CCleaner is a software that has been around for many years and will continue to be here for years to come. It´s a classic PC cleaning software that almost everyone has used or uses. If you want to give it a try, you can download CCleaner from Piriform’s official site and enjoy it.

IObit Advanced SystemCare 10 Free

IObit Advanced SystemCare Software to Clean Computer

Advanced SystemCare 10 Free helps you keep your information private by cleaning out private data. It also does what you expect a PC cleaning software to do such as clean the registry and clear out junk files as well.

The software aims at improving your computer’s performance and make it faster. Advanced SystemCare also features a new Startup Optimization module of Advanced SystemCare 10 that will scan startup files and notify you of the ones you don´t need anymore.

You can also monitor CPU and RAM in real time. The features don´t end there since you also get safer browsing and the software will also take a selfie of whoever is trying to break into your computer.

Download Advanced SystemCare 10 Free

IObit is one very popular and respected software company that aims at keeping your PC in the best possible condition. Over 250,000,000 people are already using the software, and if you want to give it a try as well you can download it directly from the company’s official site.

Final Thoughts

There are various software’s that want to keep our PC’s clean and fast. It’s up to you to choose the one that best fits your needs. Which PC cleaning software do you think you’re going to use? Leave a comment and let me know.

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