Oreo: Android 8.1 incorporates the system of alerts for tsunamis and earthquakes

We live on a planet where there are natural disasters, which we try to understand them but also prevent them before they arrive or when they arrive have the possibility of there is the greatest number of survivors, thanks to the technologies and the ways of communicating we can create networks of notice to be able to advise, in this case our phones but, rather, the importance with Android Oreo in your version 8.1, which includes a system of alerts for Tsunamis and earthquakes.

Such a system is not new, leads deployed in Japan where it tends to happen some of the natural disasters truly
dangerous, earthquakes, and tsunamis.

This has been reported by the Association of Telecommunication Operators japanese (Telecommunications Carriers Association) where notices 3GPP depended on each carrier so you could get some users and not others, the new system is called ETWS (Alert System of Earthquakes and Tsunamis) within the device creates a new standard to be able to warn you of alerts of ‘Tsunami’, ‘Earthquake’, ‘Earthquake and Tsunami’, but you can also incorporate alerts Terrorist or a missile attack.

The operator NTT Docomo explains the operation of the system ETWS in the event of an earthquake as some technical illustrations:

  • Happens the earthquake
  • The sensors of the Japan Agency of Meteorology detect
  • In 4 seconds the first warning comes at the devices mobile
  • Sound the alarms in the area to alert the population
  • 10-20 seconds after the first alarm, it sends a second confirmation message of the action to follow (to hide under a table, open doors for them.)
  • The earthquake wave arrives at the area alerted

This system is exclusive to japan that is used by the operators, but if Google has introduced it because surely in other countries can be reached to incorporate the ETWS as a measure to alert the population to natural disasters or other character.

Source: Telecommunications Carriers Association (Japanese), Image Wikipedia


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