How to Open and Find Downloaded Files [Android, iOS]

Have you ever downloaded a file on your Android or iOS device but when you go to open it, you have no idea where it is? If you don´t know what you´re doing, you could end up doing more harm than good. In that case, it´s better to keep reading, so you know how to find downloaded android and ios files quickly.

Where to Find Downloaded Files on Android

Trying to find what you recently downloaded on your Android device doesn´t have to be as hard as other make it sound. Depending on what Android device you have, you will either have an app called Downloads or My Files.

You can easily gain access this app by goin gto the App drawer and looking for Downloads or My Files. If your phone has My Files, once you open the app, one of the first thing you should see is Download Hisroty.


Download ES File Explorer for Android

ES File Explorer is a great app that helps you keep track of everything you ever downloaded or transfered to your Android device. When you open the app, you won´t see the download icon right away, tap on the icon poiting down an dtap on Downloader.


There you will see a list of the things you have downloaded. To open a file, tap on a gray circle all the way towards the right and it should now turn green and on the bottom row tap on Open Folder.

How to Find and Open Downloaded Files on iOS

Downloading and opening files on iOS is obviously different from Android. When your reading something from a website, you clearly using Safari and all Safari does is that i opens the files in Quick View, you´re files aren´t actually saved anywhere like in Android.

If there is something you need to save, you can always download a PDF reader app. For example, you can get PDF Reader that is fee to download.

I downloaded something from my Dropbpx account and to see what I downloaded I went to Connections and tapped on Download Tracker. That is where you can see the list of everything you downloaded.


Keep in my that all the picture you save, will be in your camera roll and that you never really download anything to yout iOS device, but instead use third-party apps that make those files accesssablethrough offline mode.


Opening and downloading fils on iOS is very different and a tad but uncomfortable than Android, if you ask me. Either way, I hope you have found this guide useful and let me know how you open your downloaded files, either on Android or iOS?

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