What’s New LineageOS 12/2017

LineageOS, is an alternative that is part of CyanogenMod, one of the ROMs most famous,for his closure already takes a while working and it seems that they are on track, today I traremos the news that LineageOS that has been published from time to time and when you can, because each day they are giving work to the subject.

The first is that since September, that was your last log, I have been introducing new features that we can highlight:

  • The first thing is that in the last release of versions 13.0 and 14.1, which include a patch for the vulnerability of Wifi KRACK.
  • Security patches, in particular the October, November, but surely by now they have released more versions in versions 13.0 and 14.1
  • We have added two new options of gesture with the touch screen to raise and lower the volume
  • Adds a tile to quick settings for LiveDisplay.
  • The application of recorder has been redesigned .
  • The app gallery has received stability
  • Add the possibility to make emergency calls without a SIM card is now possible, in regions that allow
  • Update Oreo

    By the time the current version is based on a Nougat, but there are unofficial versions of LineageOS 15.0 based on Oreo which have been created to work in previous versions and not a final product.

    One of the jobs that they are doing is letting the code more clean to be able to streamline your work but as you have seen that version 8.1 has had a presence, have you spent all of your work from version 15.0 to version 15.1 is to say that they will pass the 7.1.X to version 8.1 directly.

    For the time being have not given a release date likely need to Polish many important aspects.


    Have a controls of quality more strict for the buildings, as we had talking about before the version Oreo, the idea of clean up obsolete code and that could be detrimental to the time of transfer. Have been sent to the managers of maintenance tasks necessary to the removal of that code as the required time before removing the device from the list of compiling, once fixed, even give as to resolve the conflicts.

    Below is the list of devices:

    Added devices with 14.1:

    Changes of devices:

    • Samsung Galaxy S5 Sprint SM-G900P (kltespr) has been merged with Samsung Galaxy S5 G900I/P (kltedv).

    Devices deleted pending restructuring of code, version 14.1:

    Devices deleted have dropped maintenance of version 14.1:

    Devices that are deleted from the version 13.0:

    On Android Oreo we don’t know if it will be integrated with Treble within their ROMs and the benefits that this would come, we hope to see good news about it.


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