Nokia and OnePlus respond to the users by the Project Treble

A few days ago, we wrote an article about updates that would make the manufacturers about the new version of Android, Android Oreo.

About the update, many users emphasized the question if the update was going to see a system that we all liked, Treble, since Oneplus did not have a clear answer, and many users of this device have launched a campaign to vindicate his position, that’s why they launched a campaign in from Nokia is asked but had no answer for the moment.

Project Treble

A bit short which would be Treble to not be lengthening the article.

This is to separate the low-level drivers (known as the implementation of the seller, as the driver of a driver chip bluetooth) from the rest of the system, which gives us an advantage to upgrade the system and not expect the drivers because they have to not be a new version and I would need to take it and in that case may be updated independently.

The answer


The response from the company is expected to be negative, the reason given is: To add a required partition through an OTA update with that carries a high risk of brickear the device, therefore no risk.


From HMD, its executive director, Juho Sarvikas replied as follows: The new system requires two separate partitions of the system and the interface of the manufacturer, but the current devices do not have this activated and you can not create a partition by using an OTA update, so that it will not support such a system in the phones of today.

Now the executive director of HMD, Juho Sarvikas, has been asked about why Nokia phones, current will not gain support for this initiative when other manufacturers do what they are doing.

Juho replied that the new system requires two separate partitions to hold the operating system Android and the interface of the manufacturer, but the current devices do not have this enabled. The partition also can be created through an update over the air, so that HMD has chosen not to support Project Treble in their current generation of phones.


Manufacturers are not obliged to introduce this system to the devices launched by 2017, but if they are required for the new models, for example in this case the OnePlus 6 and Nokia 9, as the requirements of google to reflect that, but it would be well with the community by giving a good philosophy, surely some manufacturer stand out from the others and this will lead you to the whole community, even to the decision to be the next phone to acquire.

Source: Oneplus, Twitter


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