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Doro, is one of the manufacturers that their approach is the telephony for users over the age of 65 years, has presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC) two new mobile phones that will facilitate the lives of Seniors, as well as their family and loved ones.

The new Doro 8035 is a smartphone easy-to-use guide the user step by step so that it can customize according to your specific needs, and so make the most of the advanced features of the device. This phone has a level of sound loud and clear, as well as an app that allows friends and family to set up the phone in remote or help the user in case of any doubts arising in relation to its use.


Doro 7060, mobile phone, folding that combines the intelligence of a smartphone with the design of the mobile phone traditional. The manufacturer of Swedish origin, through Doro 7060, offer the user a device that presents both the characteristics that have always been associated to your brand, as the support for the standard Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and apps smart as Facebook or Whatsapp.

According to recent studies, the penetration of the smart phone, in Spanish users older than 65 years is similar to the set of the población1 and, it also increases the diversity of features that suit this segment. However, the internal studies of Doro suggest that 46% of the older users are hesitant to adopt new technologies, on the other hand, are already more accustomed to their handling, and are looking for a more sophisticated functionalities.

Also vary the needs of the users, for example, in function of its physical state, level of loss of capacity, visual or auditory. 82% of seniors have vision problems, 29% of hearing, and 43% experienced problems with the subject or the handling of a mobile phone. Most of the smartphones of big consumption do not adapt well to the needs of our seniors, and this means that, despite having a smartphone, many of the users are not able to take advantage of all the benefits that these terminals offer.

Users safe and perfectly connected

To be able to give response to the different needs, Doro 8035 account with alternatives for the interface and navigation. When you start the phone for the first time, the terminal will guide the user so that you can choose the design that best suits your requirements. In ‘extra mode easy’, the users with little or no experience with smartphones, will be able to use an interface which is highly intuitive and at the same time sufficiently complete to facilitate the main advantages of a smartphone.

For all those looking for something more sophisticated can use the ‘standard profile’, which has a greater similarity to the classic interface of Android, but with features of the DNA of Doro, such as: text and large icons and high-contrast, button-intuitive that allows the user to perform quick actions default, call or write to their family or friends.

Doro 8035 also incorporates the functionality of Team Viewer, which provides family and friends selected by the user of the remote access and control of the device, with the objective of providing support at a distance, in case of being necessary. This functionality is also available through myodoromanager.com a web page through which you can directly access the smartphone.

Whatever profile is chosen, Doro 8035 features a new design with a lot of style. Designed to suit the needs of demands by the target’s senior, presents: loud sound and clear, easy to grip, sturdiness, an alert button for emergency cases, and three physical buttons. In short, all those characteristics that define Doro and that are highly valued by users all over the world, such as, for example, the solution SmartCare by Doro.

With Doro 7060, the new terminal is functional, the user will have a device foldable easy-to-use-and fourth-generation with support for the standard VoLTE. This new phone has a big screen of 2.8 inches and an external caller id through a screen of 1.44 inches.

In addition to large keys and well-spaced, the phone has a physical button for taking photos, an alert button for emergencies and has remote access through mydoromanager.com.


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