Microsoft Word Tips You Should Be Using

Microsoft Word is one of the most used software’s in the world and why wouldn’t it be with all of the things you can do with it. You can do things such as add text, images, and drawings. There are also different formats we can use that will make our document creating experience a whole lot easier. You may have already used Word for work of for something personal, but have you used this tips?

How to Save the Images from a Microsoft Word Document

Saving images on Microsoft Word is easy since the only thing you have to do is right-click on the picture you want to save and choose Save as Picture. That method is fine if you only have a few images to keep, but what if you have more then 50 images to save?

If you want to save various images in your Word document you need to:

  • Open the document
  • Go to the File tab and select Save As
  • Click on the upside down pyramid and select Web Page

Microsoft Word

  • Don’t forget to click on Save and remember where you saved your document
  • Open Windows Explorer and look for the location of where you saved your file
  • You should see a new folder that has the same name of your file, don’t worry it’s not a duplicate, it’s where your images are.

Go to The Section of the Document You Edited Last

This feature can be very helpful, especially if the document you were working on in pretty big. If you want to go to the last part of the document you worked on last, just press Shift + F5.

Have Microsoft Word Check Your Grammar

When you’re using Word, you don’t need the help of another software to help you see if you have made any grammar mistakes. Word has it’s own built-in grammar checker and to access it you need to click on File > Scroll down to Options > Proofing. Here you can modify what you want and don’t want Word to check. If you click on Settings, it will show you more specific grammar options you can have Word look out for or ignore.

Microsoft Word

How to Add a Comment or Reply to One

Let’s say you’re working on a document a co-worker sent, but there is one part of it you don’t understand and have a question about. Adding a comment is a great way to get your question out there and have others see it as well, you never know, others just might have the same question. To add a comment highlight where you want your comment to go and select the Review tab and choose New Comment. A red line is drawn across to the side where you can type your comment. If someone else already added a comment there, you can easily reply from there as well.

Compare Two Documents Side by Side

Someone sent you a revised version of a document but when you open it, it looks practically identical to the original, and you’re not sure if it was edited at all. Before you go ahead and call that person a liar, why not compare both documents to see what’s different. To do this go to the Review Tab and select Compare.

Microsoft Word

Highlighting Text

You may know that to select a word you need to double-click on that word, but what if you want to select the entire sentence? That’s easy too, to do that press the Ctrl button + the word. This is useful if you want to delete the whole sentence and don’t feel like highlighting the whole sentence.

How to Add an Author to Your Document

Don’t like working alone? If you need to add an author for some reason, you can easily add one by going to File > Info, and towards the bottom right of the screen, you will see the option that lets you add an author by either entering their information or by selecting one from your contacts.

Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word is full of so many features, that you might not even used most of them because you simply won’t need to but it’s good to know they are there if you ever do need them, right? What are your favorite Microsoft Word tricks? Let me know in the comments.


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