Mediamarkt and the case of the LG V30 of 299€

We have become echo of an event that happened on the 27th of December, but we didn’t want to say anything by seeing the evolution in these days and see that it is used to solve the problem, the thing is that not why we have decided to publish it, as they currently are 115 affected and possibly some more.

The case is that on the 27th of December through the website of MediaMarkt there is an interesting offer a LG V30 for 299€ with a Sandisk 64GB gift after the deal is at 899€ it was a golden opportunity, we know this because a user of htcmanía what colgo in the forum, the great flood of users to acquire the product was evident.


The next day many users who requested purchase is come to the store and some give it, as we can see in the images below that we have provided CarlosFlyWalls (one of the people who is hearing the case).

The problem comes with the rest of people who did not what were, according to statements from the affected employees of the company argued that the quoted price was wrong, there were no units, which had but could not by order of the central cases in which employees were laughing at the client (something that is already severe, you may think that it was December 28, but there’s no excuse) and many detours to arrive at the same and pissing off people.


We have been in contact with MediaMarkt on the matter, and send us the following:

The variation in the price of the device LG V30 is due to a manifest error in the price.
The variation in price is not any offer or promotion in MediaMarkt, as it is solely due to a manifest error.

Kind regards,

The Failure

We could say that MediaMarkt is right to be a error on the page, and the collection of the terminal and was solved with the return of the money. Does It Seem Easy?

As for curling the curl, the ruling has been delivered to a few users and not to others is not the terminal with the offer price gives evidence that this is not an error, even MediaMarktAC makes reference to this.

That fault there is more behind this and that has come to us through CarlosFlyWalls (and thank you):

  • Many of us still without money, and with the refusal of delivery of the terminal for the part of the company, we want to make it clear that none of us has asked at any time for the cancellation of the order.
  • The companions to whom they have delivered the product, now they are denying the bill of the same arguing in the stores that “that sale has not occurred and is not going to generate ever the bill”and give the agents of the contact center in the 902 10 25 73,
  • By not delivering the bill are committing an offence of concealment prosecutor, the refusal to offer the customer the warranty by 2 years in case you had any type of problem with the well and the crime of denying the invoice to the customer as indicated in the BOE:
  • Bill made a mediaMarkt-in-hand with price of 899 and a discount of 600 euros


These are the claims of the people affected and that have initiated the demand and the documentation:

We demand that Media Markt to comply with its obligation in the fulfilment of the contract of purchase and sale civil 109 and ss of the LGDCU, and comply, with the price announced into the terminal and the microSD memory card purchased at the price at which it was purchased and give us the invoice of the same.

Media Markt delivered the bills of the terminals that has given by enforcing the law in which it appears the IMEI of the terminal.

Are you affected by this?

If you’re one of those affected and you’re not in the class exercise your right and don’t follow some of the recommendations of the who has committed the fault, but to get in touch with CarlosFlyWalls ( already that is leading a class action lawsuit and you may be able to give better information or you can also resort to other bodies of consumers as FACUA and OCU

We will update the article as there are new developments.


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