Quick and Easy Ways to Make Mac Boot Faster

Just like a PC, with time Mac´s startup time can also slow down. It´s hard to accept that anything can affect the almighty Mac, but it something that happens with the everyday use. It can slow down and get infected with viruses, but there are software´s that can help you with that.

That´s why it´s important to give it a maintenance check now and then. By checking your Mac, you´re making sure that it´s in tip-top shape and that you´re getting the best you Mac can give.

Make Mac Boot Faster by Scanning for and Fixing Any Hard Drive Problems

Look for any fix any problems you´re having with the hard drive. If you find any, it´s important that you fix them all since this will slow down your Mac´s startup time.

To see if any hard disk issues need fixing open Disk Utility. You can open Disk Utility by pressing Command + Space, and that will open Spotlight search. Once Spotlight appears type in Disk Utility. Another way to access Disk Utility is to click the Launchpad icon on the dock > Click the Other Folder > Disk Utility.

How to Improve Mac Boot Time

To the left of Disk Utilities, you will see your Macs hard drives. Now, click on boot partition and choose Verify Disk Partitions. If a problem is reported, click on Repair Disk Permissions and don´t forget to click on Verify Disk to see if there are any issues. For future reference, if Disk Utilities notifies you that there´s a problem, just click on Repair Disk.

Close Apps When You´re Done Using Your Mac

If you have a newer version of OS-X or Lion, they will automatically start all the windows and apps from your last session. So, if you left all 14 apps open, you Mac´s startup time is going to be mind-numbingly slow.

This can easily be fixed by closing the apps before you shut down your Mac, prevent apps from opening automatically and make sure that the box that says Reopen windows when logging back in is unchecked.

Make Mac Boot Faster

Another way you can make Mac boot faster is by selecting the close windows when quitting application box. With this option, OS-X will launch the apps, but you don´t have to worry about it opening every window that was open.

Consider Using a Faster Hard Disk or Upgrade to an SSD

Your Mac reads the files and data from a traditional magnetic disk, but if you upgrade to an SSD, it will be able to read the data much faster. By being able to read the files and data at a much faster speed, your Mac´s startup time will be a lot less.

If your budget doesn´t let you get an SSD, you can always try upgrading the default´s hard disk. You can try to go for a much faster 7,200 rpm unit that will make your Mac fly. This isn´t something you should try and do yourself if you´re a beginner, so it´s time to call your Mac expert friend to help you out.

Stop Certain Apps from Launching at Startup

The more apps your Mac has to open, the slower the startup time is going to be. If you want to decide when these apps start you can disable them from starting by going to System Preferences > Users > Choose your user > Login Items.

How to Stop Apps from launching at startup for Mac

Eliminate anything that you don´t feel is necessary at startup. Some apps are faster than you and will start even before you get a chance to log on. They may be faster but you´re smarter. You can easily get rid of those apps by going to opening Finder and click go in the menu bar at the top of your display.

A window should now pop up and when it does type in /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Library/StartupItems/

Make Mac Boot Faster

Here the boot partition is named Macintosh HD but if yours is called something else, type that in instead.  The hidden menu I was mentioning earlier should now appear. If there are any folders of anything you´ve gotten rid of, here is your chance to erase those.

Hidden Folder Menu Mac

Final Thoughts

Sooner or later you´re going to notice that your Mac is not running as fast as it used to, you will definitely see an improvement with these tips if you give them a try. How slow is your startup time? Let me know in the comments.

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