Make Copy/Paste Great Again with Clipboard Actions for Android

Let’s face it, Android copy/paste menu is not what you would like it to be. Things have gotten better with the Marshmallow update, but it still hasn’t reached its full potential. You could even think of a few things you would like to add yourself to improve the feature.

Things can and will get better thanks to an app from the developer Halfreal Games.  The way this app works is that after you copy a text, the app will automatically show you relevant actions to the text you copied. For example, if you copied a phone number, the pop up will show you actions such as Call.

How to Improve Your Android’s Copy and Paste Feature

If you haven’t done so already, go to Google Play and download the Clipboard Actions app. When you first open the app, you will see a series of instructions on how to use the app. At this point, you’ve learned how to erase the notices, and you’re looking at an empty Clipboard.

How to Improve Your Android's Clipboard

At the top, tap on Settings and then on Actions. You can go through them to either disable some or leave them on. I would recommend leaving them all on since the options are only going to appear when they are necessary. So, they won’t be bothering you at any time.

Clipboard Actions App in Action

To test out the app, copy any text and immediately after copying you should see a notification appear. Swipe down from the top of your display, and you will see options that apply to what you have copied.

The Best Copy and Paste App for Android - Clipboard Actions

If you copy and phone number you will see the call options and a few others as well. If you change your mind and want to discard this option, you can always tap on the trash icon to the side. The notification will disappear until the next time you copy something.

If you copy a sentence, the app is going to find relevant keywords within the text and give you actions for those as well. The app will always be running, but you will never see anything that will interfere with you using your Android device.

The only time you will see the app in action is when you copy text. Clipboard actions is a very useful app that is definitely staying on my phone, and I found it saves me time in researching what I highlighted.┬áDuring my testing, the app didn’t crash once or exposed me to any annoying ads.

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