The SoC from MediaTek are optimized and ready for Android Oreo (edit Go)

MediaTek Inc. announced with partner, Google, is to provide system-on-Chip (SoC) with the software Android Oreo (Go edition) to manufacturers of phones, and after a deep collaboration with Google, the SoCs from MediaTek MT6739, MT6737 and MT6580 among others, now have support packages available to run Android Oreo (editing Go).

Google collaborated with MediaTek to ensure that Android Oreo (edit Go) work well in your line of processors, enabling a release mechanism to market faster device manufacturers and ensuring an experience on the Android smart phone of quality and affordable devices with 512MB to 1GB of memory. This marks one of the first times that the SoCs for entry level or basic are ready to be used shortly after the latest version of Android, in this case Android 8.1 Oreo, has been released to the Open source Project Android.

With Android Oreo (edition Go), Google has optimized its operating system platform, applications of the first part and the Google Play store to improve the capabilities of the entry level devices. The processing power and limited storage, are the main critical points for the users of this type of devices. Android Oreo (edit Go) was created to not only solve these problems, but also to ensure that the devices are safe and that users have more control over the use of data.

Android Oreo (edit Go) strengthens the ecosystem existing in the Google Play Store to offer apps that run smoothly on devices with low memory. This improves the overall user experience and support for devices with 512MB memory to 1GB, which results in significant savings in the costs of components (BOM). These savings allow manufacturers of devices, provide a better option to the 400 million users that buy smart phones from basic level each year.

Android Oreo (edit Go) take advantage of the acclaimed reference key in the hand of MediaTek and chipsets that are specifically designed to reduce the time for product development and conformance testing. A wide range of MediaTek SoC supports Android Oreo (edition Go), including for 4G devices the MT6739 and MT6737, as well as the MT6580 for devices 3G. This gives manufacturers of devices, the range of capabilities necessary to develop devices to markets and points of specific prices.

The phones Android smart Oreo (edit Go) technology with MediaTek will be available on the world market in the first quarter of 2018.


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