The magi call you

Already lack little to end the christmas season, but for the moment we have the luck of it is a special day for a lot of people that celebrates the arrival of the three Kings in many countries, particularly in Spain.

Today we present an application, so that our children will get their wishes, it is King’s Advisor, an application designed for parents so that they know to value the behaviour of their children if they have behaved well or badly, and with the result that the three Kings bring more presents or not.

With a simple interface, we can analyze the behavior of our child, if they deserve a gift or a coal (ruling if it has behaved well or behaved badly), will give us a result and we will know the result, which we may modify at any time, to be able to perform “video conferencing” with the corresponding king magician.

Surely your child is more joyful to know that it has been ported well or on the contrary will try to behave as best as possible for you to bring something. The app is totally free without the need of any special permission, enjoy it with the kids and behaved as best as possible, below the tab:


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