LineageOS 15.1, appears on the scene. What about the revolution?

LineageOS 15.1 appears on the scene, it is that you do on your first anniversary, since the split with CyanogenMod. This new version was based on Android Oreo 8.1 in Experimental mode and nightly in a series of devices

That is important to this version, and it is the emergence of Treble that we have been giving cane these months ago, clearly we have not had so many stories, because the whole team has been working on major changes to move these devices forgotten by the manufacturers, and with this restructuring have been taken advantage of to improve the code dejandoló more clean and efficient.


Now we can give our personal touch to the device, color, interface, changes with LiveDisplay (a theme for the day and a theme for the night).

Also introduced in the customization, Automagic. A system where you suggest the best color combinations for your mobile phone based on the colors of the background image.

New Trebuchet Launcher

Not that it has disappeared, but has been rewritten to conform to the standards of Android and be able to adapt more to what you are demanding. Also thanks to this rewrite has removed a lot of redundant code, leaving an egg to new features like the support of icons.

Includes icons adaptive where we can choose how we want to see if in circles, super ellipse, squircle or drop.

QR codes in the camera

Another of the novelties that it includes, and in the end it is something logical, is to include an option within the camera to read the QR codes in an app, we will read web addresses, passwords of wifi….. that is all that we can give the system QR.


The versions that have been launched almost all are in nightly or experimental, that’s why you have to be aware of to try it until the end and are released finally. A recommendation they give us is if we update from version 14.1 it is not necessary to delete the user data, but if it is recommended to make a backup. If you do a version that is not of the 14.1 will be erased the user data.

Devices, the initial version 15.1

Devices added in the version 14.1

Changes to devices with 14.1

Changes to 14.1 devices

Removed devices with version 14.1

What revolution?

I think that with this change made in version 15.1 it will be interesting to see the evolution, but we believe that will mark a before or after what we knew.

Source: LineageOS


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