How to Launch Two Apps with Google Pixel’s Multi-Window

If you’re using Google’s Pixel phone, then you’re already enjoying Android 7.0 Nougat. There are a lot of happy campers out there since Nougat came with various multitasking improvements that many were asking for.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already used the unified multi-window mode as well, right? This feature is going to keep developers busy creating split-screen mods that can work on any Android device that has Android 7.0 or higher.  An app that uses this option was set up by Keep Away from Fire, let’s see what this app can do.

How to Automatically Launch Two Apps in Google Pixel’s Multi-Window mode

The app you’re going to need to install is Screens – Multi-Window Manager. Once you’ve installed the app open your Android Settings and go to Accessibility.

How to Use Mult Window Mode Nougat - launch two apps

When you’re in Accessibility, look for the Screens option and toggle it on. You’re going to get a pop-up but just tap on OK.

How to Create Multi-Windows Shortcuts

Go to your App drawer and open the Screens app. You’re going to see two plus signs. If you tap on the plus sign at the top, that means you’re going to choose what app open at the top part of your display.

By tapping on the plus sign at the bottom, you’re choosing which app opens at the bottom. After you’ve chosen your apps, don’t forget to add a name for the multi-windows shortcut. Now, tap on the Create Shortcut button and shortly after you should see it appear on your home screen.

How To Finally Launch Two Apps at The Same Time

From this point on, to launch two apps in multi-window mode all you have to do it tap on the shortcut you created earlier. Depending on how you’re holding your phone, will determine how you’ll see the apps. For example, if you’re holding your phone in landscape mode, the apps will appear side by side.

If the phone is in portrait mode, the apps you chose will appear one on top of the other. A great combination of apps to open together would be your phone’s browser and your favorite instant messaging app.

If you’re always sending things you see online to your friends, this combination will sure save you some valuable time. The app is fairly new so don’t be surprised if it’s a little buggy, but hopefully with time the developer will fix those.

If the shortcut icon on your home screen doesn’t make much sense to you, try using a custom launcher that allows you to use icon packs for certain apps. I recommend that you use launchers such as Action app and Nova launcher app. You should good with those two. After deciding what launcher to go with, simply modify the icon for the hybrid shortcut.

As you can see, automatically launching two apps in Google’s Pixel’s Multi-windows mode is very easy. Just follow the steps carefully and you’ll be fine. What apps are going to launch together? Let me know in the comments.

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