The camera of Nokia is updated before the announcement of the Nokia 9

As we already know Nokia has released the beta versions of Android Oreo, more specifically the version for the Nokia 5, which has brought an interesting update, apart from the benefits of the version 8.0, and is that an app has been updated, in particular the camera with new features including increased support dual cameras with wide-angle and telephoto.

This app shows an option of zoom telephoto lens up to 2x and another option for a wide-angle. The funny thing is that the Nokia 5 can not use this feature or other model that has launched HMD at the moment. Rectify, the Nokia 8 has a telephoto lens but also take advantage of the 100% this feature, so that we can think about what comes in the future, the Nokia 9.

By the time any phone on the market offers these options, both wide-angle and telephoto at the same time, if it has been heard many times in networks of devices with three cameras, it may be that Nokia will pull out a same application for different mobile phones that support this feature, one with angle and one with telephoto lens.

Apart another feature that we can see as interesting is that now we can manually select the ISO and shutter speed, values being from 100 to 2,000 for the ISO and 1/500s to 1s for the shutter.


Since the source of the news, they give us the app, which is the version 8.0200.20, surely he is not going to be the only version and sure that HMD will do it better.

As a warning, does not work on many devices, but if it has been tested on a OnePlus 5T if it works. We leave you the link but we do not guarantee compatibility.

Source: nokiamob


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