How to Install Various Apps At The Same Time

Google Play is full of great apps. Sometimes you come across so many that you don’t know which ones to start installing first. If you do know the ones, you want on your Android device, installing them one by one can be annoying.

You have to wait for one to finish installing before you can install the other one. Don’t get me started on the time this also takes as well. But, with the following methods, you’ll be able to install various apps and not have to wait for one to finish downloading to start with the next one.

How to Mass Install Android Apps

The only app you’re going to need for this method is the Google Play app. Once you launch the app, you’ll need to create a wishlist. First, find the apps that you want to install. When you come across each one of them, you’re going to see a bookmark icon you’re going to need to tap on. When you tap it, the app will be automatically added to your wishlist.

How to Create a Wishlist on Google Play

Once you’re done repeating this process for all the apps you want to batch install, go back to Google Play’s main page, and tap on the hamburger icon. Select My Apps & Games and tap on the All tab. Look for the apps you want from the list and long-press on each one of them to select them.

How to Batch Install Android Apps

After you tap on the Install button, you’ll be asked for permission to install the apps. Once you give it permission, the apps will start installing one right after the other.

As you can see it wasn’t as hard as you probably thought it was and you didn’t even need to install a third-party app for that. You probably already have way too many on your Android device anyway. What method do you use to batch install apps? Drop a comment and let me know.

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