Improve your iPhone/iPad’s Battery Life with These Useful Tips and Tricks

iOS 10, the most significant iOS update, comes with a series of new features, that in some users opinion, actually drains the device’s battery life. If you’re noticing that your iPhone or iPad is not lasting as long as it did before, there could be a setting that could be causing this problem.

I’m sure you have enough to deal with by troubleshooting the Bluetooth problems your iOS device has from time to time. But, with these tips, you will notice how you iPhone/iPad’s battle is lasting longer than before.

How to Improve Battery Life on iPhone and iPad

It’s something I think everyone has done at least once since they’ve had their iOS device. Quitting apps is something many iOS users do since they believe that if they quit them, they will stop using battery the device’s battery life. So, you double-tap on the home button and swipe away to try and save some battery life.

Quitting an app is actually a bad idea. Why? Well, when you quit an app the next time you open it, your device uses more RAM. Once it’s taken out of the RAM, your iPhone/iPad puts it back into the memory.

This whole process stresses out your device even more and affects your battery life. Software Chief Craig Federighi said so himself that closing apps won’t help improve battery life.

Limit Location Services

A lot of unnecessary apps and services use your device’s GPS. Some apps have to have them on always, but if you can look through your apps and limit as many as you can, that will definitely help save battery life. You can do this by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

How to Save Battery Life on iPhone and iPad iOS 10

Manually Adjust Display Brightness

The brightness affects your device’s display and therefore is one of the things that consumes a lot of battery life. If you adjust the brightness manually instead of using Auto-Brightness, you will save some precious juice. You can do this by going to Settings > Display & Brightness.

Save Battery Life Disable Auto-Brightness

Find Out What Apps Use The Most Battery Life

Some apps just way too much battery life. Because of this battery-sucking app, you’re forced to charge your iPhone/iPad more than once a day. Take a look at what batteries are using the most battery by going to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage.

How to Find Out What Battery Uses A lot of battery Life - improve battery life

Notification Overload

Notifications are obviously useful. The let you know what’s going on with your favorites app, so you don’t miss a beat. But, some apps notify you of the tiniest thing, and on top of that, the notifications are from apps you don’t use as much.

How to Limit App Notifications on iPhone and iPad

Cut down on the amount of notifications you get, and that will improve your device’s battery life. You can do this by going to Settings > Notifications.

Manually Turn on Battery Saving Mode


When you’re at about 20%, your iOS device prompts you to turn on battery saving mode. You don’t have to wait until your device is that low on battery to use it. You can turn it on at any time by going to Settings > Battery.

Use Safari to Access Facebook

It’s no secret that the Facebook app is a battery hogger. Facebook themselves have admitted it, and even The Guardian stated that if you uninstall the app, you can save up to 15%. Disabling or uninstalling this app will definitely make a difference in how long your battery lasts.

Use Airplane Mode Whenever Possible

The antenna is another culprit you can blame. Even if you have your iPhone in your pocket, it’s draining your battery because it’s checking for nearby WiFi and cellular networks. So, whenever you don’t need to make, receive a call or even access data, putting your device into Airplane mode will save you battery power.

Save Battery with Airplane Mode iPhone iPad

Reduce The Auto-Lock Time

The more your display stay on, the more battery your device uses. To lessen the amount of time your screen stays on go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Block.

Deactivate Automatic Downloads

Automatic downloads allow apps to update without asking you for permission. This can also drain your battery, so if you prefer to decide when the apps are updated go to Settings > iTunes & App Store. In the automatic downloads section toggle off the necessary options.

Disable Vibrate

You may like it when your iPhone vibrates when it rings, but that’s also the reason why your battery drains so quickly. If you think you can live without if you can turn it off by going to Settings > Sounds. Toggle off Vibrate on Ring and on Silent.

How to Save Battery for iPhone and iPad

Disable Push Email

Push Email is great since you get your Email as soon as it arrives on the server. It’s a very useful feature when you ned to stay on top on things, but a headache when you’re running low on battery. If you’re not expecting anything important and you think you can turn Push Email off, you can do by going to Settings >Mail > Contacts, Calendars and select Fetch New Data.

How to Disable Push Email on iPhone iOS 10

Disable Spotlight

Spotlight is one useful feature, but since it works in the background, it also drains your battery. If you don’t need Spotlight to index your data you can easily turn it off by going to Settings > General > Spotlight Search. Now you have to decide which Spotlight categories to disable.


As you can see, there are quite a few things you can do to help your iOS device save some battery when you’re running low. It’s true that there are some features that you just can’t live without and that you need to have on. But,  if you look through your settings and you see some you can turn off, go for it.

If you ever need the features in the future, you know you can quickly turn them on in the Settings app. They will be waiting for you whenever you need them. How do you save battery on your iOS device? Leave a comment and let me know.

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