How to Turn on the System UI Tuner in Marshmallow

Do you like to have settings that others don´t have access to? Of course, you do, I mean, Who doesn´t? If your Android device is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, then you can easily enable the System UI Tuner and enjoy a variety of great features.

Note: If you have a Samsung device and were unable to activate the System UI Tuner, it´s because Samsung has set things up so this can´t be done on their devices.

Turning on the System UI Tuner

Let´s get things started. Pull down the quick settings on your phone and locate the gear icon. If you tap on it once you are going to access your device´s settings, but that´s not what we´re interested in.  Press and hold until it starts to spin. Keep pressing the gear icon until you see a message towards the bottom on your phone that says, ¨Congrats! System UI Tuner has been added to Settings¨.


Once the message disappears, go to Settings and look for System UI Tuner option. With this new menu, you can do things such as eliminate things from the status bar and modify your quick settings tiles.

What You can Change with the System UI Tuner

Status Bar – There you will see a list of features your device provides you with, but if you don´t want to see the icon of that feature on your status bar, just tap on the greenish circle until it turns gray. For example, next time you put your alarm, it won´t appear in the status bar.


Turn On The Battery Percentage

Want to see how much percentage your battery has? You can turn it on where it says Show embedded battery percentage. You can also set it up so the percentage shows only when you´re charging your device.


Use Dark Themes When Night Mode is On

If you don´t want to be temporarily blinded by the light coming from your wallpaper, turn this feature on. Now, your phone will change your wallpaper when it detects that it´s a particular time of day. Good Bye temporary blindness!

See Do Not Disturb When Adjusting the Volume

There are times when you want peace and quite. On some devices, you can activate this feature when you press the volume down button when the device is already silent.With the System UI Tuner, you need to access Quick Settings. Once there you will see a variety of options such as Alarms Only, Total Silence, and Priority.

Want to set up what a priority is? Tap on More Settings and you will see Automatic Rules and Priority only allows. In Priority only allows you can set things up so only your alarms ring when you have Do not disturb on.


What does Automatic Rules do? Here you can configure behavior guidelines for Weeknights, Weekend and Events for the Do not disturb feature. For example, you can set the Do not disturb feature to start at an earlier time on a weeknight and later on the weekend.

How to Fix Quick Settings if You Messed it Up

If you need to fix Quick Settings after you pressed something you shouldn´t of, press the three vertical dots and press reset. It´s that easy.

Remove System UI from Settings

If you changed your mind and wanted to get rid of the System UI Tuner, you can do so by tapping on the three vertical dots and select Remove from Settings.



The System UI Tuner found in Android Marshmallow has so much to offer us. Have you set up the System UI Tuner? Share you experience in the comments.

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