How to Fix Bluetooth Problems on iOS 10

No OS is perfect and sooner or later your bound to have some kind of issues. Sometimes the issues are not a life or death situation, but they can be annoying. For example, let’s take Bluetooth. If it fails, you can still continue to use your iOS device as usual, but it’s still that pebble in your show you need to get out. The following tips will help you get that pebble out and throw it far far away.

Your Bluetooth might stop working maybe after an update, or maybe it stopped working all of sudden. You work so hard to keep your iOS Devie safe and now you have to deal with this. Sometimes trying to find the cause of your Bluetooth problems can be a difficult task, But, let’s not waste time trying to find the cause and get that Bluetooth fixed, shall we?

How to Fix iOS Bluetooth Problems for iPhone and iPad After Update

Whenever you see that there’s an update available, you can’t wait to download it because you know that it’s going to bring some much-needed fixes and features. Generally, that’s what updates do, they bring some much need fixes but sometimes they can also bring problems. After an update, some iOS users may experience problems such as:

  • Bluetooth suddenly disconnecting in their car
  • The Bluetooth simply just stops working on iPad/iPhone
  • It fails to start calls over Bluetooth on iPad/iPhone
  • Bluetooth won’t turn on
  • iOS Bluetooth connections drops frequently

If you are experiencing any of these issues try the following solutions one by one and hopefully you will soon be problem-free. First, make sure that the Bluetooth is on and then put the two accessories close together. Now, turn off the Bluetooth and restart your iOS device. Repair your device by going to Settings > Bluetooth and choose the device you’re having problems with and see if it connects.

Sometimes, simply turning Bluetooth off and on does the trick. You can do this by swiping up from the bottom of the display and in the Control Center, turn Bluetooth off and on.

How to Get Bluetooth working again iOS

If that doesn’t work, you can try forgetting the device. Tap on the info button beside the device and select Forget This Device. Now start over and try pairing the device like you normally would and hopefully they will sync this time.

Don’t forget to check to see if your Bluetooth accessory is on and has a good amount of battery power. The devices should be unpaired and if they are, now is the time to put them in discovery mode then pair them. If the above tip didn’t work you can also try resetting Network Settings by going to > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

How to Fix Common Bluetooth Problems on iOS

If none of the above tips helped then, there are only two other things you can do. One of them would be to take your iOS device to Apple so a technician can take a look at it. You could have some hardware issues that could explain why you’re having problems with the Bluetooth.

If you’re just too busy to take it an Apple store, you can restore and setup as a new iPhone/iPad.  You can restore your device through iTunes and set up as a new device. With this, you will have a new beginning and hopefully get rid of any customizations that could be causing your Bluetooth problems. If you haven’t backed up your info, then you will lose everything. If you already did that, then you can simply restore from backup.


Bluetooth problems can sometimes appear at the worst possible moments. Unfortunately, you have no choice but just to deal with them and cross your fingers they never come back. Hopefully, these tips have helped you with your Bluetooth issues, but if you’re still having problems let me know in the comments.

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