How to Create Stories on Instagram

So what if Snapchat had it first. That was not going to stop Instagram from creating a Stories feature of their own. They will obviously give it their personal touch, but the feature is basically the same thing.

As the name states, with the Stories feature, you tell a story of what you have been up to lately and then share it with your friends. Even though the feature is similar to Snapchat´s Stories, the steps you need to follow to create a story on Instagram are not the same.

The good news is that it’s not rocket science and there is a good chance your kids probably already know how to use this feature. Don’t worry; I won’t tell, but after reading this guide, you will finally know how to create Stories on Instagram. Pssst…if you want to learn how to add full-sized pictures to Instagram to impress everyone, that´s possible too.

The Fastest Way to Create Instagram Stories

The first thing you’re going to need to do is to open up the main page of the Instagram app. On the upper left-hand corner, tap on the plus sign. Another way to quickly access the Stories feature is to swipe left on the home screen, whatever works best for you.

To start recording tap and hold on the white circle or just tap for a picture. Stories are no fun if they only have one picture or video, so to add more repeat the process and what you create will be added to your story.

Once you take your picture or video, you will see it replay on the next screen, but with a difference. On the upper right-hand corner, you will see Aa and a pencil icon. The letter is to add text and the pencil to draw on your picture or video.

how to make stories on instagram

By tapping on the pencil icon, you can choose the thickness of the pencil, but if you decide the one with the dots, you get a neon style pencil. Towards the bottom you can choose from a variety of colors and if you make a mistake, there is an Undo option.

easily create instagram stories

Once you are done creating, hit the done button and either save it to your device by tapping the arrow pointing down or upload it with the arrow pointing up. If you want to see the pictures you added the last 24 hours, start a story and swipe down.

If you ever want to erase a story, you posted, open your story and on the bottom right, tap on the three dots and choose delete.

How to Record a Boomerang Video on Instagram

First of all, what´s a boomerang? It is a video that will play forwards and then backward. Plain and simple. The good news is that you can add filters if you want to. Just swipe left to right until you see the filter you want to use.

You can also draw on your Boomerang videos just with the same steps as before, If you want to add dots, choose the first pencil icon once you have taken the picture or video and simply tap all over the place.


I told you that creating a story on Instagram was easy. Now, you can send your friends and family fantastic stories with all kinds of snazzy things on it.  Do you have any question about creating stories on Instagram? Hit the comments!

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