How to Hide or Lock Apps on iOS [No Apps Needed]

Since you’re reading this post, then you’re one of those users that are looking for a way to lock iOS apps without having to install yet another app, right? I’m sure you have enough apps on your iOS device and adding one more will probably deprive you of some much-needed memory. The good news is that there are ways to hide or lock apps without the help of third-party apps.

My sister would always ask me if she could play Tetris on my iPad and I would always say yes, but how to know if she is only playing Tetris and not messing with out settings? Good thing that iOS has useful tips and tricks that help us protect our data.

Lock Apps Through Guided Access on iOS

By using Guided Access you can prevent others from opening apps they shouldn’t be using in the first place. It’s a feature that you are going to find on your iOS device and to turn it on go to Settings > General > Accessibility > and scroll down to Guided Access.

Hide or Lock Apps on iOS

Once you have Guided Access setup, open the app you want X person to stay on and press the home button three times. Guided Access should appear and then just tap on Start go get things going (Start should be on the upper right-hand corner). It will also ask you for a password to enter twice, or you can just use the TouchID.

Now you’re going to have to circle what you don’t want the other person to use. The areas you choose are going to have a grey overlay and won’t work when tapped. If you want to disable things such as volume button, sleep/wake buttons, keyboard, Etc, tap on Option that’s located on the bottom left.

You can also set a time limit to as how long the person will use the app, so if they say they only need your iOS device for 10 minutes, you can only give them 10 minutes, literally! The time limit feature is located on the bottom right.

Hide Apps with Restrictions

In Settings, you’re going to find another useful feature called Restrictions, and as the name indicates, it will restrict what apps other users have access to. To enable it go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions.

Hide or Lock Apps on iOS

Once you enable Restrictions, you’re going to be asked to enter a password, and once you’re done with that, you just have to toggle on the apps you want to hide.

Hide or Lock Apps on iOS

If your kids are going to be using your iPad and you don’t want them using apps that are not appropriate for their age, you can block those apps as well. You can block apps for kids over a certain age limit scrolling down to Apps.

Hide or Lock Apps on iOS

How to Remove Apps from The Home Screen

If you’re using iOS 10, I’m sure you have read that you can ” Uninstall” Apps (Bloatware), right? In reality, the only thing that you’re doing is removing them from your home screen. Seems kinda dumb to say your uninstalling when you’re not doing that at all.

Long-Press on the app you want to hide, and the icons are going to start dancing, and an X will appear in the upper left-hand corner. Tap on the X and select Remove. For example, I decided to remove FaceTime but below it says that I will still be able to make calls, hinting that the app can be found on my iOS device.

Hide or Lock Apps on iOS


Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of methods to hide apps on iOS without using external help, but 2 mthods are better than nothing. If you have any question let me know in the comments and don’t forget to give the post a share if you found it useful.

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