How to Access The Hidden Red Screen in iOS 10

When iOS 10 first came out, you just couldn´t wait to start exploring what tricks iOS 10 has to offer. As you played around with the Settings on your iOS device, you got a general idea of the new features you are now able to enjoy.You might think you know your device´s Settings pretty well, but do you know how to access the Hidden Red Screen iOS 10 has?

You might think you know your device´s Settings pretty well, but do you know how to access the hidden red screen iOS 10 has? You might not know it´s there since there are some features that you have to dig a little deeper to find.

The red screen is one of those features, but I will show you how to access it without accidentally touching something you shouldn´t.

How to Set Up The Hidden Red Screen iOS 10 Has

Some might compare the hidden red screen  on iOS 10 to Night Mode, but they are not the same. Night Mode eliminates the blue light that might prevent you from getting a good night´s sleep while Color Tint turns your screen red by using a pure red filter.

The trick behind the red filter is that it tricks our minds into thinking that the display is brighter than it really is.  Thanks to this red filter, your eyes won´t have to work as hard to adjust and not strain themselves.

To turn this red filter on go to Settings > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Color Filters.

How to Access Hidden Red Screen iOS 10

Once you´ve enabled the Color Filter, you will see  a slider under Intensity. Use the slider so you can set how intense you want the red filter to be.

The Hue slider that is right below the Intensity slider, will change the color filter to another color. I just wanted to mention that just in case you were wondering what it does. You want to leave that alone and not mess with it.

How to Add Color Filter to iPad iOS 10 - Access Hidden Red Screen iOS 10

If you want to show your friends the red screen by taking a screenshot, it´s not going to work. It will only look like a normal screenshot with no red filter. Sorry to disappoint you.

Now that you know how to turn on the hidden red screen in iOS 10, your eyes won´t suffer so much when you’re using your iPad or iPhone in the dark.

How to Create a Shortcut to Red Screen on iOS 10

If you like looking at a red screen, but don´t want to go through all those steps to enable it, simply create a shortcut. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Scroll down to Accessibility Shortcut. Select the Color Filter option and anytime you want to access to the Color Filters, press the Home button 3 times (fast).

How to Create Accessibility Shortcut

If you enabled other hidden features iOS 10 has, you will see those options as well when you triple-tap the Home button.

How Accessibility Shortcut Looks lIke


Final Thoughts

iOS 10 is full of hidden goodies, you just have to know where yo look. Some might be too scared to explore their settings a little deeper fearing that they might mess something up. Don´t worry, leave that up to me and I will show you want you should and shouldn´t do. Do you think that you will give the red filter a try? Leave a comment and share your opinion!

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